16 Candles (1984)

Its the podcast where a filmmaker, a comedian and a media scholar party their way through the 80s movies we think we love or love to hate with these, our modern eyes to see how they hold up. This is 16 Candles, a movie selection from 1984.

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1984: 16 Candles

IMDB Says… A girl’s “sweet” sixteenth birthday becomes anything but special, as she suffers from every embarrassment possible.

Meet the Guest

Dr. Shaina Hammerman is a media scholar and Associate Director of Jewish Studies at Stanford University, a cultural historian and the author of Silver Screen, Hasidic Jews: The Story of an Image (Indiana UP, 2018) among other publications on Jews and race, gender, and popular culture. Prior to her role as Associate Director, Shaina taught Jewish studies courses at universities across the Bay Area. Shaina is now also the producer of a new podcast, Primary Source from Stanford University’s Taube Center for Jewish Studies.


  • PhD, Jewish History and Culture, Graduate Theological Union
  • MA, Jewish Studies, Graduate Theological Union
  • BA, Hampshire College

Deep Cut Recommendations

As we all know, IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes and awesome places like that will always give you some recommendations… People who liked THIS also liked THIS. Your Most Excellent Hosts have their own recommendations, perhaps a bit further off the beaten track.

Special Guest Shaina recommends Mindy Kailing’s Netflix coming of age comedy, Never Have I Ever.

Nathan recommends another coming of age film that maybe gets it closer to correct… Lady Bird

Krissy went a totally different direction and wants you to enjoy a different, more likable Jake Ryan in Wild Hearts Cant be Broken.

What’s Up Next?

Next up is Dragonslayer

IMDB Says… A young wizarding apprentice is sent to kill a dragon which has been devouring girls from a nearby kingdom

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