All Men Must Die – Phoenix Comicon Podcast Panel


When: Saturday, June 7, from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Where: Phoenix Convention Center, North Hall, Room 131

Who: Bri Valdivia, Hong Le, Megan Calcote, Richard Begg

Hashtag: #allmenmustdie

A lot has happened in Westeros over 4 seasons of Game of Thrones. The War of the Five Kings, The Red Wedding, The Purple Wedding. Game of Thrones has only grown in popularity since it’s first season. Drawing in 2.2 million viewers with it’s first episode, GoT now sees upwards of 7 million viewers in their fourth season. Now that HBO has renewed the show for seasons five and six, it’s clear the show is here to stay.

Join Educating [Geek] hosts Bri and Megan for a discussion with Geek News Network guests Hong and Richard covering Game of Thrones seasons 2-4 at Phoenix Comicon. We’ve got a lot to talk about – our favorite characters, favorite episodes, our favorite deaths (because let’s face it, dying is a big part of Game of Thrones), the growing popularity of the show and come up with an updated drinking game for your Game of Thrones watching pleasure. We’ll be collecting drinking game rules from our audience members so come prepared to play along. The audience member with the best drinking game rule will take home a gift basket full of Game of Thrones goodies from our friends at Geek News Network.

Before you come to the panel, give a listen to our first Game of Thrones episode and take a look at our first set of Drinking Game Rules. And tune in to on August 1st to listen to the episode after con is over!

Tip Number Eight: Be prepared for terrible cell phone service. Text messaging will be spotty. Phone calls will be frustratingly difficult (both in terms of connection and surrounding noise) and you can forget about staying connected to your favorite social network. Cell reception at the convention center is just short of terrible. Since you can’t rely on technology to stay connected to your family and friends, have a plan for meeting up with them if you part ways. Pick a place somewhere in the convention center or surrounding area where you know you can go to find your guild members.