All The [Trek] 47 – TNG “Haven”

If every day family drama just doesn’t do it for you, All the [Trek] can bring you family drama — in space. This week we get to peer into preparations for the marriage of Deanna Troi in…

Episode 11: “Haven”

Nov. 30th, 1987

ep 11 - 1

In this episode the Enterprise crew approaches the planet Haven, which reportedly boasts mystical healing properties (it’s like the Sedona of space). “Haven is a great vacation planet, I bet we’ll all get a lot of rest and relaxation!” NOT LIKELY! The crew never even touches the surface of the planet because the Enterprise is suddenly descended upon by Troi’s mother and the parents of the man she’s been secretly betrothed to this whole time. Why does this always happen to crew members?



Troi isn’t happy, but she’s going to do her duty. Her fiancé Wyatt isn’t happy, but he’s willing to make it work. Their reactions to this arrangement are confusing to me since they’re both adults, belong to completely different cultures, and have spent pretty much zero time together.

There’s also the added complication of Wyatt believing Troi would look like this:

ep 11 - 3

Plus, this is what Riker looks like every time Wyatt is on screen:

Dude, can't you even PRETEND to be happy that the love of your life is marrying someone else?

Dude, can’t you even PRETEND to be happy that the love of your life is marrying someone else?

This whole episode just feels like a mess. People are constantly arguing, no one can agree which customs are to be observed, and  there’s absolutely zero chemistry to be found.

But, there’s a plague-ridden ship slowly approaching the Enterprise and Haven. Troi’s fiancé Wyatt is a doctor, so he decides he’ll do what he can to help the inhabitants. Turns out one of the inhabitants…

ep 11 - 5

…IS THE WOMAN FROM HIS DRAWINGS. And she’s been drawing him too! How have they managed to maintain this psychic connection throughout their lives? No clue. There’s literally zero explanation. He just beams aboard her ship, gets infected, and then they fly off so he can try and find a cure. This leaves Troi in the lurch, but does anyone really believe a lead character would marry some random Milquetoast Man when Riker is around?

Hell no.

Hell no.

Overall Rating: (2/5)

Costumes - 2 out of 5



I think this episode is supposed to be about the power of love. Or the power of the expectations of your family. Or … God, I don’t even know. This episode was really uncomfortable. As noted previously, there’s no chemistry between most of the characters. If I failed to mention Troi’s mother, it’s only because she hams her way through every scene without adding any substance. This episode could have never happened and it wouldn’t make any difference to the narrative.