All The [Trek] 51 – “11001001”

Don’t bother trying to translate this week’s episode title. The layman would assume that “11001001” means “Home” or “Hope” or some kind of thematic word. The layman would be wrong. Enjoy this week’s episode of Star Trek, lovingly entitled “É” or perhaps “╔”

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Episode 15: “11001001”

Feb. 1st, 1988

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In this episode the Enterprise docks at Starbase 74 and gets tuned up while the crew is allowed some free time and shore leave. The beings tasked with fixing up the Enterprise are Bynars, a non-gendered race who work in pairs and think in a pattern that is a close approximation to binary. Rikert wanders aimlessly, annoying the hell out of everyone he encounters until the Bynars offer to let him try out the holodeck. He obliges, and quickly falls in love with with a mysterious “woman” named Minuet.

This can only end well.

This can only end well.

Riker seduces her through the magic of jazz and sassy trombone playing. She seduces him by being made to order from the holodeck, with an extra boost of personality from the Bynars (who are hovering outside the room).

Meanwhile Wesley is keeping an eye on the Bynars due to their somewhat twitchy behaviors.

"Just let us do our work, you little shit."

“Just let us do our work, you little shit.”

Here’s a big shock: something DOES go wrong. Something goes so wrong that the entire crew and their families must evacuate the Enterprise and set it adrift in space, completely unmanned. Unfortunately, Captain Picard wandered onto the holodeck to hang out with Riker and Minuet—and the alarm never reaches the ears of either man.



Picard and Riker enter the bridge, only to find everyone gone and the Bynars in a state of near-death. They quickly realize that the Bynars were working to commandeer the ship the whole time and that the evacuation was a false alarm. They discover that the Bynars decided to use the Enterprise as a backup data source since the one located on their planet was in imminent danger. Their state of unconsciousness is due to the main data source being compromised. Picard and Riker decide to help the Bynars by uploading the saved data to the Bynar’s planet—and as per usual the day is saved and everything is returned to normal.

Oh, and when Riker returns to the Holodeck he finds out he’s lost Minuet. Dude, you wanted to start a relationship with a hologram? Really? HOW?

Overall Rating: (4/5)

Overall - 4 out of 5

This episode was fairly typical in the sense that it hit most of the tropes. Aliens in heavy makeup, a myriad of misunderstanding, smarmy Wesley, and a love that cannot be. Fortunately there was something about the Bynars that lent an extra layer to the episode. Their culture was simple, they didn’t ask help because receiving an answer of “no” was not an option, and their world is very code-driven with black and white outcomes. The level of commitment from the characters on the holodeck also lent an extra level of drama. The simplicity of the episode made it very easy to connect with, this may be the first time we weren’t presented with an extraneous subplot. Hopefully it won’t be the last.