All The [Trek] 91 – The Enemy

Another Trek Tuesday, another Geordi episode…but this time instead of romance and engineering we get animosity and engineering!

Episode 55: The Enemy

Nov. 6th, 1989

This episode of Star Trek is like Enemy Mine, but with less pregnancy (oops, belated spoiler alter for a twenty year old movie). The Enterprise chooses to respond to a distress call in the Neutral zone. It turns out a Romulan vessel crash-landed on a planet. The rescue team finds one critically injured Romlan, a few of them beam back to the Enterprise. Geordi end up trapped on the planet without communication, soon he is discovered by an additional survivor.

He looks like he's about to drop the most fire mixtape of 2365.

He looks like he’s about to drop the most fire mixtape of 2365.

Two major problems must be resolved in this episode:

  1. The dying Romulan needs a blood transfusion, otherwise he will die and war will be sparked between the Romulans and Federation. Worf is the only person on board with a compatible ribosome. Worf refuses to donate his blood.
  2. The atmosphere of the planet is quickly deteriorating the bodies and technology of Geordi and the stranded Romulan. They must work together in order to locate a lifeline to bring them back to the Enterprise. The Romulan insists that Geordi is his prisoner and does not wish to return with him to the Enterprise.

Eventually the injured Romulan dies, but soon after Picard learns of the second Romulan. The remaining Romulan finally decides to work with Geordi to use both of their technologies to beam back to the Enterprise. The living Romulan speaks in favor of the Enterprise and they avoid war.

Overall Rating: (4/5)

Overall - 4 out of 5

The real meat of this episode is how two different men (so to speak) handle working with their enemies. When faced with the choice to save the life of someone he perceives as an enemy Worf insists there is no choice and that he could never help a Romulan. Granted, Romulans DID kill his parents…but on the other hand Klingons were just as bad (if not worse) than Romulans before they joined the federation.

Geordi knows he has a choice, he chooses to convince his Romulan to work together so that they may both survive and avoid war. The Romulan insults Geordi and acts like as ass the entire time, but with patience and perseverance they are both able to return safely to their own people.

Worf’s stance is definitely understandable. Would you help your greatest enemy as they spit in your face?

Plus, he has a face a mother couldn't even love.

Plus, he has a face a mother couldn’t even love.

It’s a hard line to take. I don’t think I could condemn anyone to death.

That being said, the Romulans over-act to an alarming degree and I can’t get over those bangs.