All The [Trek] 95 – The Hunted

There are two updates this Trek Tuesday, be sure to read about both The Hunted and The High Ground!

Episode 59: The Hunted

January 8th, 1990

A really, really, really ridiculously good-looking criminal escapes the idyllic planet that Picard is assessing for entrance into the Federation. The criminal proves to be highly adept at survival, and almost outwits data. ALMOST. The Enterprise captures the escapee only to learn that he is a programmed super-soldier that the idyllic planet chose to imprison with other soldiers after his “reprogramming” made him difficult to reintegrate into a peaceful society. A little heavy-handed? Yes, but Rambo in Space still manages to be a little more subtle than Rambo: First Blood.

The Enterprise crew wishes to help the former soldier, though he does prove to be somewhat…violent.

It isn't his fault!!

It isn’t his fault!!

The leaders of his planet won’t hear of it, and when the soldier makes yet another escape Picard beams down to try and negotiate a program where the soldiers are “deprogrammed” so that they can live comfortably again. Still, planetary leaders refuse such steps. Suddenly a colony of deadly male supermodels descends upon the assembly!






Suddenly the planet VERY MUCH wants Picard’s help. At which point Picard informs them that they will consider re-application to the Federation after the current situation is resolved. Due to the Prime Directive they can’t interfere with a developing planet. BURN.

Overall Rating: (5/5)

Any complaints I have about this episode are nitpicks that don’t detract from the overall script and message. This is one of my favorite episodes to date, and it perfectly illustrates a situation in which the Prime Directive is finally used in a way that makes absolute sense. Typically the Prime Directive is confining, but in this episode its value is apparent.