All The [Trek] 99 – Yesterday’s Enterprise

This Trek Tuesday we see an Enterprise that could have been.

Episode 63: Yesterday’s Enterprise

February 19th, 1990

Look: just watch this episode. I’ll give you a brief synopsis, but WATCH THE EPISODE.

Guinan and Worf are conversing when something strange happens outside the bar window, and suddenly everything is just…different.

You may remember Tasha Yarr. She died.

You may remember Tasha Yar. She died. And now she’s alive. And there’s no Worf. And the Enterprise is a battleship.

A temporal rift rocks the reality within the Enterprise, and Guinan is the only one who realizes that something isn’t right, but she can’t explain how or why. When the crew encounters a prior Enterprise vessel from several decades in the past thy realize that their timeline and thousands (if not millions) of lives may be snuffed out.

The crew delicately breaks the news to the other Enterprise crew, and it is agreed that one key ship being shifted several years in the future may have caused the in-progress Klingon/Federation treaty to dissolve…resulting in ongoing war and devastation. A plan of action is decided upon.

Overall Rating: (5/5)

Overall - 5 out of 5

This is by far one of the best episodes of Star Trek. There is no glaring subplot, the script is cinematic, and every moment is engaging. This episode of Star Trek evokes a wider range of emotions than ant prior episode, and the actors are absolutely alternately charming and electrifying in their roles. Tasha is utterly compelling, and the final line of the episode hits me right in the heart. I have zero complaints. WATCH THIS EPISODE.