All The [Trek] E30 – TOS “Spock’s Brain” & “The Enterprise Incident”

This week on All The [Trek] Bri reviews “Spock’s Brain” and “The Enterprise Incident” from Star Trek: The Original Series.

Episode 56: Spock’s Brain

Released Sep. 20th, 1968


Bri’s Overall Rating (1/5)





Aliens (1/5)

Aliens - 1 out of 5



The aliens are ladies. I guess I’ll give them a point for this seemingly female dominated society.


Costumes (3/5)

Costumes - 3 out of 5



The boots! The backs of the women’s dresses!
But they are cancelled out by the not-so-interesting male outfits.

damn those women and their long hair


Fight Choreography (2/5)

Fight - 2 out of 5



Nothing special. Just a couple of typical TOS scuffles.


Bechdel Test (2/3)

Bechdel - 2 out of 3



Are you kidding me? There is a room FULL of women and they can’t talk to one another? You totally fail Star Trek.


Episode 57: The Enterprise Incident

Released Sep. 27th, 1968


Bri’s Overall Rating (4/5)

Costumes - 4 out of 5




Aliens (2/5)

Aliens - 2 out of 5



I like the Romulans. But they’re not that exciting looking. Although, Ms. Thang is pretty flipping awesome.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 7.47.59


Costumes (1/5)

Costumes - 1 out of 5



Mostly uniforms but I’ll give the Romulan commander’s dress a nod.



Fight Choreography (0/5)

Fight - 0 out of 5




Bechdel Test (2/3)

Bechdel - 2 out of 3



There’s a Lady Romulan calling the shots, but she’s the only other lady besides Uhura. They’re never in the same room together. *lesigh*



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