E[G] Drinking Game S4 E10 – American Horror Story: Hotel

This week’s Educating [Geeks] podcast is a live Phoenix Comicon recording. Geek hosts Bri, Sara, Diana, and Jon provide their drinking game rules…and the crowd at Comicon pitches in!

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Take a drink when…

  • dazzled by how pretty the men are
  • you want to imitate Mr. March
  • Donovan hurts his mother’s feelings
  • Lady Gaga gives RBF
  • Sally takes a drag of her cigarette
  • Liz pours a drink at the bar
  • the front desk bell is rung
  • someone gets in the elevator

Take a shot when…

  • someone turns into a vampire
  • the Countess’s eyebrows change
  • the Countess falls for yet another dark haired blue eyed man
  • someone gets shot
  • someone dies
  • someone checks in
  • Sally cries
  • the detective looks confused/disoriented
  • when there is gushing blood
  • Liz is the baddest bitch in the room
  • the Countess is practically naked
  • when everyone at Devil’s Night does (absinthe preferred)

Waterfall your drink…

  • a Vampire is feeding

Empty your glass when…

  • Miss Evers has to clean a stain (and do the dishes!)
  • a lead character dies
  • Iris drinks from the Countess’s private stash

AHS: Hotel Signature Alcohol: Dogfish Head Immort Ale



AHS: Hotel Signature Cocktail: Abstaininthe

  • 2 oz absinthe
  • 2 oz champagne
  • 1/2 lime

Directions: squeeze lime juice into shaker full of ice, add absinthe and champagne, shake, strain into chilled glass. Try not to do anything evil.


AHS: Hotel Official Toast


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