[Andrea] Geeks Out – Drinking Supplies

As you know (or may not know, SURPRISE!), part of our “education” here on Educating Geeks is to create drinking game rules based on the topic we are discussing. Besides learning new things, one of my all-time favorite hobbies, I love making the drinking game rules. One of the main reasons is that I enjoy the occasional drink (or two, or three, or… .). This year, much to my chagrin, the drunkest of holidays, St. Patrick’s Day, falls on a Tuesday – March 17, 2015.

To be clear, I am not Irish – I am Welsh (just like our fearless leader, Alice!). St. Patrick’s Day has no special meaning to me, only presents an opportunity to bust out some awesome geek glassware and tasty concoction. I love any occasion to bust out a delicious ale or yummy gin and tonic. So to honor the most sacred of drinking festivities, I searched all through the interweb for the best of the best in geek drinking supplies.

Without further ado….


Nintendo Pint

These can-shaped pint glasses with an NES controller and Gameboy engraving make a classic addition to your collection.

Mario Bro PInt

You and your bestest buddy can toast to St. Patrick (or whatever celebration you elect) with these Mario and Luigi pint glasses.
Zelda Mug

The hero of Hyrule should be proud to drink some green beer out of this amazing stein.

Star Wars

Star Wars Beer Set

Drink, tasty beer you must. Hmmmmmm. Yoda approves of this growler, pint glass, and bottle opener set.

Star Wars Shot Glasses

Who shot first? (Psssst, it was Han). Well, depends which glass you choose. Maybe a Rebel shot? Either way, these Star Wars shot glasses guarantee a good time.

 Dungeons and Dragons

D&D Dice Shotglasses

My drinking game rule juices are flowing. I feel that these shot glasses would be appropriately used if during a D&D gaming session you fill ’em, line ’em up, and take a shot every time that die fails you. EIGHT SIDERRRRRR!!!
Alignment Pint


Every D&D party is generally pretty diverse, between different character classes and types, you get a nice mix of mage, cleric, fighter and elf, dragonborn, etc. You also get a nice mix of alignment – and what better way to display than proudly drinking from a pint glass of your alignment? Contrary to popular belief, I am not lawfully good.d20_ice_mold

In case I haven’t made my preferences perfectly clear, I love a good gin and tonic (Arizona people, if you haven’t already tried it, Arizona Distilling Co. makes a killer gin – get it at Total Wine!). In a perfect world, every gin and tonic I had would include one of these love d20 ice cubes from this epic mold.

Doctor Who

Doctor Who Wine Glasses

Time and space get a little wobly after a few glasses of your favorite wine in these Doctor Who wine glasses.

Doctor Who FlaskFor your travels in the Tardis, this handy flask may not have the same affect as psychic paper, but you can make some life long friends with a nip from this Doctor Who flask.

Harry Potter

Hogwarts Shotglasses

The Voldemort-is-Gone after party had to be epic – you KNOW those wizards know how to party with some form of hard spirit. These shot glasses are the perfect way to battle it out for the house cup or against any residual Death Eaters. 50 points to all the houses!

HP Flask

Everyone needs a bit o’ luck, especially when it’s not the Luck of the Irish. A hit from your Felix Felicis flask is just the liquid courage you need to win the quidditch match or convince your friends that Ravenclaw is the best Hogwarts house. (Pssssst – Ravenclaw is the best Hogwarts house)
If you need more drinking game rules, geek drink selections, or generally drinking merriment, check out any of our Educating [Geeks] Drinking Game podcasts and as always, drink responsibly. Remember, geeks don’t let geeks drink and go to the dark side.