Andrea’s Best of Season 3 – E15 Doctor Who

I’ll say it time and time again, until I’m blue in the face. Everyone should watch Doctor Who.

Oh, you didn’t hear me? EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH DOCTOR WHO! With that being said, I am so thankful that our lovely Diana took the call to arms in our season 3 episode covering the first season the Doctor Who reboot (2005). Not only is this a topic that I just love talking about, but I feel like we hit on some deep thoughts and theories about the show and sometimes real life. I wanted to talk about this topic soooooooo badly that Alice and I got to be extra super close buddies by sharing a mic for this recording (also, sneak peek at what our recording really looked like). Now, I’m not giving away all of the spoilers, sweeties. For those, you’ll have to listen to the episode yourself.

But I do have a few favorite parts from this episode:

1. We love the characters – well, we love to hate several of them. Except Rose. I friggin love Rose. #rose4ever Oh, and the TARDIS. Who could hate the TARDIS?

joined characters

2. We talk about the Doctor. A lot. In depth, including his not-love-maybe-love-is-there-love? for Rose Tyler, the polarizing sides between depressed genius and goofy baboon, and how brilliant and caring he really is.

eccleston ninth doctor

3. “If you like Doctor Who, here’s what I’d recommend”Primeval, Torchwood (which you’ll hear us talk about later this year!), Quantum Leap, and Voyagers!


Make sure you watch season 1 if you haven’t. But….