Announcing a New Partnership: First Time [Film] Club

We are excited to announce that we are partnering with the National Comedy Theatre Phoenix Players to record a live podcast for their Film Time Film Club showings. Two of our Educating [Geeks] hosts will be joined by NCT’s First Timer and Super Fan for a lively discussion of the film being shown.  NCT’s First Time Film Club showings happen at various time throughout the year and will be added as First Time [Film] Club to our public calendar so you can be sure to join us for the film screenings and podcast recordings.

First up? A Knight’s Tale!


Released in 2001 (PG-13), A Knight’s Tale mixes ye olde and modern in ways you’ll either love or hate! Come join us Thursday July 31st at 7:30 pm to find out which it is for you.

For a mere $8, you will get to see the film, play in the trivia contest (prizes provided by Bookmans!), AND participate in the live podcast recording following the film screening. Get tickets online at We look forward to seeing you all there on July 31st!