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Like I mentioned on the podcast episode covering Back to the Future Part I, I have a big birthday coming up and it just so happens that Marty McFly will be visiting 2015 right around that time. Of course I’ll be throwing a party to celebrate and since it’s also right around Halloween, it seems like a perfect opportunity to build a Marty McFly costume. I’ve scoured the Internet to find all the perfect pieces you need to make your own Back to the Future cosplay. Enjoy!

The Clothes


life preserver

It wouldn’t be a proper Marty McFly cosplay without his iconic life preserver vest. This one seems pretty perfect.

jean jacket

Beneath Marty’s life preserver is a fantastically ’80s jean jacket. Researching this costume has made me realize that Michael J. Fox must have been roasting on set. A down vest on top of a lined jean jacket? Gonna be tough in Arizona.

Did you know that there are a lot of ugly jean jackets out there? Of course you knew that. I’m always the last to know when it comes to fashion. Anyway, here’s the least ugly jean jacket that I think would work. Don’t forget to roll up those cuffs.

button up

Have I mentioned that Marty’s look has a lot of layers to it? It’s the look that keeps on layering. Here’s a great option for the button up Marty wears under his jacket under his life preserver.


Screenshot 2015-09-08 at 20.55.34

Finishing off the layer fest, you can’t forget the burgundy t-shirt that Marty wears under his button up, under his jean jacket, under his life preserver.

The Accessories


When I said I was done with the layer fest, I was lying. Because on top of the burgundy shirt, on top of the button up, under the jean jacket and under the life preserver Marty’s got some rockin’ suspenders holding up his Levi’s.


Make sure you get yourself some classic white nikes with a red swoosh to get the complete look from the first film.

McFly Cap

I know, it’s from Back to the Future Part II, but this hat is amazing and I must have it. Especially since it’s 2015 and these are all the rage right now. Or at least, 1985 thought these would be all the rage.

Finishing Touches

art pin

No Marty McFly costume would be complete without his Art in Revolution pin.

fender pin

If you’re going for perfection, don’t forget to get yourself a black and gold Fender Precision Bass pin. This thing is elusive. You’re welcome.

boomerang pin

Image courtesy of AMFXCreations’ Etsy shop

Even more elusive than the black and gold fender pin is the mysterious blue boomerang pin. I found a great Etsy seller who makes this beautiful version. Make sure to visit AMFXCreations‘ Etsy shop to get one of your own.

womens brief mens brief

And last, but not least, underoos. You can’t be Marty and skimp on the Calvin Klein underwear. So I found a men’s and women’s version of the purple Calvin undie. Now stop giggling at the pictures and get your cosplay on!


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