E[G] Drinking Game S2 E18 – Barbarella


This week on the Educating [Geeks] Drinking Game hosts Alice, Andrea, Bri and Sara create drinking game rules for Barbarella.

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If you haven’t already, make sure to listen to our podcast covering Barbarella and our Geek Supplies for the film as well.

The Rules:

Take a drink:

  • When there’s a costume change and you think “what the hell are they wearing?!”
  • Every time Barbarella has a sexual reaction, but waterfall through the Orgasmatron
  • Every time you think a costume inspired someone’s fetish
  • Of water every time you see a nipple. Any nipple. You know, for hydration purposes.
  • During the “moving music”
  • Every time someone dies
  • When there’s confusion about what kind of sex people will be having

Take a shot:

  • When Jane Fonda has a costume change
  • When you see ALL THAT CHEST HAIR
  • When they take the pills
  • Do a Jello-shot for the Mathmos/ooze thing

Waterfall your drink:

  • When the Angel is in the sky
  • Any time Marcell Marceu speaks.

Make someone else:

  • Drink when they point out something phallic, boob-like, or sexual in nature
  • Take a shot every time they point out ho gorgeous Jane Fonda is
  • Take a shot when they giggle at something juvenile


Signature Alcohol:

Red Wine

Signature Cocktail:

Layer Campari, Orchid liqueur, and Baileys for a twist on the classic “Orgasm” shot.

Jell-o Shots (or Jell-o Jigglers in the shape of boobs)



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