Educating [Geeks] S4 E13 – Battlestar Galactica Seasons 3 & 4

On this double-sized episode of Educating [Geeks] Alice and Megan finish Cassie’s education on the Sci-Fi original series Battlestar Galactica. The ladies talk through seasons three and four by discussing the reveal of the final five, all the deaths that take place and the religious storylines throughout the series.

*SPOILER ALERT* — We talk about the last two seasons of Battlestar Galactica in their entirety, so if you haven’t watched everything in season 3 or season 4, you should definitely watch them first. These last two seasons are FILLED with spoilers and we reveal them all. You have been warned.


We’ll have some frakin’ geek supplies and an awesome drinking game to help you celebrate the awesomeness that is Battlestar Galactica. Stay tuned!

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