Geek [Supplies] – Battlestar Galactica Seasons 3 and 4

On this edition of Geek [Supplies] — we’re celebrating the last two seasons of Battlestar Galactica. So hop into your viper and get ready to get all decked out in BSG gear.

Drink it up


There are a lot of “Starbuck’s Coffee” mugs out there (get it? Starbuck? Starbuck’s?), but this is honestly the best one. I love the Frackuccino pun and also they did the best job I’ve seen with the logo. So check out etsy shop MarvelousWares to grab yourself one of these beauties. You’ll feel like you’re splashing Cylon raiders all morning long.


These BSG 75 bar glasses will look great in your collection. The best part is that Etsy shop NexusGlass lets you customize them with your own messages.


Of course, we’ve got to recommend a flask. If you don’t have one in your collection already, this great BSG75 flask will look super classy. Etsy shop Nexus Glass also created this beauty, so visit their shop and fill up your cart. They’ve got some great geeky glassware you’ll love.

Detail Your Cosplay


If you’re going to be wearing your double tank, make sure you have some great dogtags to finish off the look. You can get some expensive metal replicas, or you could grab these beautiful and unique wooden replicas that look as good as the real thing. Visit Etsy shop AtelierNumero3 to get your set featuring the name of your favorite character or personalized with your own name or callsign.


Dress up your pilot’s jacket with these official Viper patches from Etsy shop THGProps.

senior-pilot-pin junior-pilot-pin

Show off your pilot’s wings with these beautiful wooden replicas from Etsy shop interstait. They’re available in junior pilot and senior pilot versions, so you can get the exact style you want. While you’re there, check out some of their other rank pip products because they’re super cool.

Keep Your Hands Busy

There are a ton of great cross stitch patterns out there, and some great Battlestar Galactica ones in particular. I picked some of my favorites to help you fill your precious spare time.


Stitch your own fleet of ships with this set of three patterns from AnonymityBlaize.


Etsy shop BooStitches has this cute pattern so you can tell those cylons how you really feel about ’em.


This “frak me” pattern from LittleBitsNStitches makes me smile – I love all the color they bring to Kara’s tattoo.

Accessorize Like a Pro


We’ve featured items from Phoenix local The Subtle Geek before, and I just had to share her list of Battlestar Galactica products. They’re so cute! Grab yourself one of your favorite items from her Etsy shop. And if you’re lucky you might even see her in person at an upcoming convention!


This AndersThrace tattoo bag from Etsy shop Zombisaur is petite and perfect to carry all of your daily essentials. And isn’t shopowner Kristina just the cutest? I highly recommend checking out her shop, if only to see her award winning organization skills. Browse her “dinosaur”, “not dinosaur” and “jewelry” products to see what other cute things she’s created that you might want to add to your collection.


Full disclosure, I am not in the roller derby (shocking, I know), but these leather derby toe gards make me wish that I was. My derby name would have to be Deadnerys Teargaryen. Honestly, these make me wish I still had that pair of roller skates I had in high school so I could at least pretend to be in the roller derby. So whether you’re legitimate Jammer or if you’re just a dreamer like me, grab these toe guards from etsy shop SinBinBoutique.

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