Bri’s Best of Season 3 – E17 Ocarina of Time Part Deux

I couldn’t leave you all hanging after last year’s Best of Season 2, could I? This year we went back to Hyrule for the thrilling conclusion to our shared adventure. Be warned, below the jump there will be spoilers. If you feel any inclination to play the game first, please do so! You can play on Nintendo 64, GameCube, 3DS, and can download it from the Wii virtual store.

Ocarina of Time Part Deux starts with Link waking up…SEVEN YEARS IN THE FUTURE!!

I really love discussing the game with Andrea and Megan. We’ve played through it so many times that at this point we’ve developed a sense of humor about everything you have to endure to save Hyrule. Case in point: we start imitating seals within the first five minutes of recording. We also discuss the banes of every OoT player:

  • Switching between clothing items
  • The perfect timing required for all switches you have to hit/games of catch you play with Ganon

Of course, no podcast with E[G] is ever complete without our drinking game rules.

And as a bonus, I found this amazing flask while writing this article.


You may notice that we’re one host short in part deux…unfortunately our educatee Alice faced the most horrifying experience a gamer can live through: her save file was corrupted.


RIP dozens of hours of hard work.