E[G] Drinking Game S4 E03 – Castle In The Sky

Castle In The Sky

The geek hosts got together with guest host Nathan to create drinking game rules for Hayao Miyazaki’s Castle In The Sky. Grab your friends, grab the movie, grab some beer and get ready for epic mustaches! Play responsibly of course.

Dola's mustached crew.

Dola’s mustached crew.

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Castle in the Sky Drinking Game Rules

Take a drink…

  • every time someone says Laputa
  • every time your knowledge of Spanish makes you think La Puta
  • anytime someone is eating onscreen
  • every time the necklace glows
  • every time a person or ship disappears into the clouds
  • every time someone makes a reference to another story or movie
  • every time you see fiery destruction

Take a shot…

  • when the member of Dola’s gang wets down his mustache
  • when the portrait of Dola as a young pirate appears on her wall in the airship
  • in celebration when Mark Hamill finally breaks out the evil laugh

Waterfall your drink…

  • for the length of time Sheeta is floating

Empty your glass when…

  • Muska tests Laputa’s power and you see see the atomic explosion

Castle in the Sky Signature Beer

Castle Lager from Castle Brewery

Summer Honey from Big Sky Brewery

Or really any nice light German beer

(The beer Alice couldn’t remember: Kristallweizen)

Castle in the Sky Signature Cocktail

1 oz Sky Vodka

1 oz Blue curaso

add either a frozen grape or an iceberg-shaped ice cube or a piece of frozen broccoli

Food version of the Castle In The Sky mentioned in the podcast.

Castle in the Sky Toast

Barusu!  But don’t say it if you have the necklace!

Laputa’s pendant.

Laputa’s pendant.

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