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Welcome to Geek [Supplies] where friends grow mustaches and join a pirate gang together. We’ve got the only t-shirt that matters, some beautiful art prints and even a trumpet!

The Only T-Shirt That Matters

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OMG I want this t-shirt by Dan Wolfe so badly! In the podcast we pretty much all said that Dola was either our favorite character or one of our favorite characters. Bad-ass yet caring she is a formidable captain. I would join her gang in a heartbeat. Check out Dan’s store, Doodle Dojo, on Etsy to grab this gem.


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If you are going to toast “barusu” in accordance with the drinking game rules just make sure you aren’t wearing one of these versions of Sheeta’s necklace.

Left – This brass version by Aaron Johnson is the most affordable and is available at his store on Etsy.

Middle – A more expensive version made of stone is available on Amazon.

Right – If you have some serious cash to burn you can get a version by Baccarat created for Studio Ghibli.

Art Prints


Another favorite character for everyone was the “caterpillar” robots (as Sara named them). The first one might feature the scary version but the second two would make a great addition to a kid’s room… or my room. Just saying.

Left – Laputa Robot Poster by Robot Soda available at his Esty shop.

Middle – Laputa: Castle In The Sky Illustration – ROBOT by sianbrierley available on Redbubble.

Right – Laputa Robot by Oddling22 available at his Esty shop.


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These cups come from Giovanna Cigolini‘s World Of Sayuri store on Etsy. I just adore them. She not only has several Castle In The Sky pieces but also has plenty from other Miyazaki films as well. I wish I could tell you more about them but the text at the shop is all in Italian. Head on over and google translate to learn more.


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These two huggable items are straight from Studio Ghibli and available on Amazon. One for your couch and one for your bed because who doesn’t need a robot body pillow?


CITS Geek Supplies

You need a trumpet so that you can ring in the mornings like Pazu does!


There were plenty of other awesome things that I didn’t include in this post. To check out all the additional items head over to our Pinterest board for Castle In The Sky.

Educating [Geeks] podcast for Castle In The Sky

E[G] Drinking Game rules for Castle In The Sky will post this Friday (3/4/2016).

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