Educating [Geeks] S4 E03 – Castle In The Sky

Geek hosts Alice and Megan were joined by guest host Nathan to continue Sara’s education on Hayao Miyazaki films. Last year we discussed Spirited Away. This time we watched Castle In The Sky which is having its 30th anniversary this year. We talked about the voice performances, how this film ranks among Miyazaki’s films, how much we love pirate gangs and Nathan’s trip to the Studio Ghibli museum.

*SPOILER ALERT* — We talk about all the spoilers for the film so if you haven’t watched it you should do that first.

Alice Megan Nathan Sara

Listen Here

Nathan and a Caterpillar Robot

Nathan at Studio Ghibli

Nathan at the Studio Ghibli Museum.

Next week on Wednesday we’ll be posting our Castle In The Sky Geek [Supplies] and then a week from today we’ll post the E[G] Drinking Game podcast for this topic.

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