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Quest Accepted: A Conversation with Andie Bolt about WoW MoM


I sat down with Andie Bolt to chat with her about her film WoW MoM and the current Kickstater campaign to finance completing the project. I originally learned about the project through a Facebook post by a mutual friend, Anthony Rosner. Since I already have a love of documentary films about video gaming, and this one featured a woman, was directed by a woman, and had a clear mission that I definitely support, I just had to learn more!

I came away from speaking with Andie even more excited about the project. I was impressed with her passion and commitment to the NET carciniods and video gaming communities. Plus, she’s just super fun — a ball of super-charged energy that cannot be contained. Just listen to her and you’ll see what I mean.

New York Comic Con 2014

The New York Comic Con invaded The Javits Center in Manhattan this weekend (Oct. 9th – 12th). If you’ve made the mistake of driving into a major city to one of these events, you know how frustrating it can be to sit in traffic as you watch everyone walk past you on their way into the convention. I did a little planning and found a garage four blocks away that charged $22 for the day instead of the $50 that The Javits Center fleeces you out of.

Upcoming Podcasts Through December

Who loves new podcasts? Everyone loves new podcasts. We do, we do, we do-ooooo! Here is what we are looking forward to sharing with you all!

First Time [Film] Club – Ticket Giveaway


Hopefully you have heard abut our new partnership with National Comedy Theatre Phoenix for their First Time [Film] Club. If you haven’t, you can read more about it here. Our first event is coming up on Thursday July 31st. We really want to see you there so we’ve worked with NCT to do a ticket giveaway! You can win two tickets to the movie, A Knight’s Tale, and the live podcast recording by re-sharing/re-tweeting/re-blogging our promo post for the event.  We have 3 pairs of tickets to give away. National Comedy Theatre – Phoenix is located at 1111 S. Longmore • Mesa, AZ.

Announcing a New Partnership: First Time [Film] Club

We are excited to announce that we are partnering with the National Comedy Theatre Phoenix Players to record a live podcast for their Film Time Film Club showings. Two of our Educating [Geeks] hosts will be joined by NCT’s First Timer and Super Fan for a lively discussion of the film being shown.  NCT’s First Time Film Club showings happen at various time throughout the year and will be added as First Time [Film] Club to our public calendar so you can be sure to join us for the film screenings and podcast recordings.