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Sailor Moon Cocktails – [Bri] Geeks Out

I’m sort of known at Educating [Geeks] as “the one who invents cocktails that might murder you.” When we started reading the Sailor Moon Manga, I knew I needed to invent a killer cocktail to go with our drinking game rules. But I couldn’t just stop there. I proceeded to make a cocktail for each Sailor Scout introduced in the first story arc. And then I made a couple more. On this fine Friday Educating [Geeks] proudly presents seven additional cocktails for your imbibement pleasure.

Lost Girl – [Diana] Geeks Out!

Right around the time I started watching Being Human on SyFy, Lost Girl premiered as well. I saw a few episodes during it’s first season and enjoyed it, but stopped watching because I was mainly hooked on Being Human.

A few months ago I decided to binge watch all past 4 seasons, and am so glad I did. I forgot how much I truly liked the show, and now more so than before (which I have credited to my age). It’s got this salacious bisexual succubus named Bo, her hilarious sidekick Kenzi, a shapeshifter/wolf of an ex-boyfriend Dyson, her on/off again girlfriend (and doctor) Lauren, her bar-running/owner grandfather Trick, and a slew of other amazing characters/actors that make this show one of a kind, with an eclectic musical playlist to match. In it’s last season this year, I wanted to pay homage by dedicating this geek out to the glory that is this show.

Check out what I’ve got to gush about, but I must warn you, there may be spoilers, though I try hard not to reveal too much.

Iconica – [Bri & Bill] Geek Out

At last year’s Phoenix Comicon I got my hot little hands on The World of Rynaga’s latest release of the Iconica game series. I was eager to introduce the game to my friends, and had the opportunity to do so at the Co+Hoots Game Night. I’ve shared my feelings on Iconica in the past, this time around Educating Geek’s friend Bill Nash was gracious enough to share how he felt about his first experience with Iconica after the jump.

The Princess Bride in Quotes – [Krissy] Geeks Out

Ok, now we’re ready for some Quotes!

I would argue that the Princess Bride is easily one of the most quotable movies of all time. Try it! Go up to anyone you know, or even strangers on the street and simply say, “No more rhymes now, I mean it!” and see who doesn’t immediately answer with “Anybody want a peanut?” Or, if you are less confident, try, “Hello, My name is Inigo Montoya.” My guess is, people nearby will overhear you, stop what they are doing immediately and shout back, “You killed my father. Prepare to die.”

Game of Thrones – [Diana] Geeks Out

What can one say about Game of Thrones? Everyone knows it as “G.o.T” for short, or they say the phrase “Winter is Coming,” and people know exactly what you’re referring to.

Game of Thrones has become a kind of huge “experience” in some people’s lives. I think it appeals to all different audiences. The older crowds, younger crowds (think early 20s) and the in-betweeners. I’m one generation and my parents are another, but we all enjoy the show fairly equally. The action and storyline are pretty fantastic. Check out some of the things that make me geek out about the show!