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Geek [Supplies] – American Horror Story: Hotel

Welcome to Geek [Supplies], where we try to find the very best stuff for our geeky friends! Come and check out the interesting, and sometimes freaky, items we have in store for you from one of our favorite shows, American Horror Story: Hotel.

Squeefest 2016 – Winner Announcement!

Squeesfest 2016 was EPIC!! Epic thanks to our amazing audience. They squeed louder — so loud in fact that they won a contest with the panel next door for who was louder! We had more dancing in the aisles and more contribution from the folks that came to help us decide who will be crowned the hottest hottie for 2016!

For those of you who could not be in the audience here’s how the voting went down:

Geek [Supplies] – Penny Dreadful

It’s time for Geek [Supplies]! This week we scoured the internet to find all the best Penny Dreadful fan items your shriveled black little heart can handle. Join me after the junk to see what awesomeness we discovered just for you.

Geek [Supplies] – Labyrinth

Welcome to Geek [Supplies] where we know we only have 13 hours in which to solve the Labyrinth before Toby becomes a goblin… forever! Join us in this special 30th Anniversary edition Labyrinth Geek [Supplies] where we try to bring you the best of what’s to be had, so you can add it to your collection!

Geek [Supplies] – Jessica Jones

In this edition of Geek [Supplies] it’s time to make a decision – keep denying the awesome Jessica Jones goodies we’ve found, or do something about it. We really hope you’ll do something about it because some of this stuff is just too fun to pass up. Click the “Engage” button to see what we’ve been spying on.