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Educating [Geeks] Does Phoenix Comicon 2016

It’s that time of year again! Educating [Geeks] is happy to inform you that we will be hosting both traditional panels and live podcast recordings again this year at Phoenix Comicon! We are so excited to come back to the headquarters of all things geeky and share many glorious moments with you.

Our traditional panels and live podcast recordings are listed in the official online program, so check it out. But, we’ve made your life even easier and provided links to our panels below so you can quickly add them to your ConQuest. How awesome is that? Are you getting pumped? Well you should, because our Keanu panel will make you go “Woah!” Don’t forget to use the hashtag #EGcon to give us a shout-out and let us know you’re there! We can’t wait to see all the awesome things you have to say about Phoenix Comicon. And most importantly… ENJOY!

Educating [Geeks] Goes to FanFest 2015 – Spotlight on Denise Crosby

Whew! 2015 is over and 2016 is well underway. Now that the holidays are behind us, I finally sat down to share my thoughts about Phoenix FanFest 2015. I attended on Saturday, which gave me the opportunity to see Denise Crosby’s panel. I remember her from Star Trek: The Next Generation, and I was excited for a chance to hear from the actor behind Tasha Yar.

She told us all about Star TrekDeep Impact, The Walking Dead, and her plans for a new Trekkies documentary.

Geek [Supplies] – Fan Fest

Megan and I spent some time (and money) in the vendor hall on Sunday and found some wonderful creators that you should definitely check out! We hope to see them again at Phoenix Comicon 2016 in June but we’ve got their contact info for you here just in case.

Cassie & Diana’s Best of Season 3 – E09 Jurassic Park

When the hosts were given the opportunity to choose our favorite podcast from Season 3, Cassie and Diana decided to collaborate on Jurassic Park, which happened to be a live podcast recording we had the pleasure of hosting at Phoenix Comicon 2015.

Educating [Geeks] Goes to FanFest 2015 – Spotlight on Sean Maher

I had an amazing time at Phoenix Comicon this past May, but I was a bit hesitant to attend FanFest in December. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy it last year (of course I did – I met David Ramsey!) but my schedule was so filled up that I wasn’t sure if I’d have the time. Then, lo and behold, they announced that Sean Maher from Firefly would be attending! That was my trigger. Because I already have pictures with Nathan Fillion and Summer Glau, I needed to meet the man who played Simon Tam. Firefly is one of my most beloved shows, after all.