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Meet Guest Host Kimberly

Kimberly is a grad student by day (studying literature and women and gender studies) and a newspaper page editor by night. She is also a full-time social justice warrior and mom to one sweet fluffy cat, Virginia Woolf. When she’s not binge-watching shows on Netflix, Kimberly is hard at work helping run a feminist zine, Pity Party.

Meet Guest Host Tanya

Lifelong nerd & reader of many things, Tanya is a cube-dweller by day & wannabe superhero on the weekends. She is a board member of Very Awesome Girls PHX and is the first contact for new members. (She also maintains their Facebook page, and you should definitely go and like it!) Her blog is ill-tended (her words not ours). She loves spending time with her husband and their kitties and if you start a Game of Thrones conversation with her, there’s a good chance she’ll give you more Westerosi history than you ever wanted to know.

Meet Geek Host Diana

Like many working in the IT industry, under her technical analyst façade, hides a hippie geek. Diana’s childhood consisted of a great deal of video game playing, and watching hours of classic cartoons/ PBS shows. In 1986, her life changed when she was introduced to Labyrinth, and she fell deeply in love for the first time. She has watched the movie countless times, and owns the soundtrack, comics and manga books, among other paraphernalia. She has also attended the Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade ball, which she recommends everyone do… it is a magical experience. She feels incredibly blessed to have found this lovely group of people to geek out with, on all sorts of topics. The fun never ends!

Meet Guest Host Norman

Norm’s life experience has been so eloquently represented and expressed by this, his all-time favorite lyric of my all-time favorite RUSH song “Limelight”: All the World’s indeed a Stage / And we are merely players / Performers and Portraters / Each another’s audience / Outside the Gilded Cage.

Meet Guest Host Matthew

Grace saved geek, Jedi Master, Whovian, podcaster, book fiend, oddball, Superman friend, Auror, cinema enthusiast and wayward wordsmith.