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Meet Guest Host Jonathan E

Jonathan Hayes Franklin Elliott is a security systems coordinator by day, alcohol aficionado by night, and only uses his full name when he’s trying to be pretentious and sound important. Past hobbies include: ballet, photography, writing, shooting, and reading. Current hobbies include: curling, infrequent blogging, Netflix/Hulu binging, and audio books. Future aspirations include watching the world burn. As an Aries and ENTP, he’s typically very competitive, and while he doesn’t mean to be patronizing, he genuinely believes he’s better than you. However, his +10 charisma often fools people into finding him charming. He’s a wanderer at heart, and would love nothing better than leaving to travel the world at a moment’s notice.

Meet Guest Host Char

Charlynn Schmiedt currently lives in the most liberal city in North Dakota, Fargo, and currently works as a graphic designer. She is happily married to her best friend, Patrick, and they are servants to a cat named Teddy. She’s a caffeine junkie and is attracted to weird shit, crude humor, warm weather and tech toys. Charlynn spends her free time as the managing editor at She co-hosts To the Journey, a Star Trek: Voyager podcast, with Tristan Riddell on

Meet Guest Host Mack


Mack Duncan has been an active performing artist in Phoenix since 1999, and has been a professional educator since 2001. He has a degree in Directing from Arizona State University. At ASU, he wrote and performed with The Farce Side Comedy Hour and Barren Mind improv. He was a member of the Phoenix ComedySportz team from 1999-2002, directing the troupe from 2001-2002. He has directed numerous short films, including “Menagerie of Space,” and the award winning “Big Benevolent Wolf” and “ALONE.” Duncan is the president and co-founder of CareFree Write Productions, which produces The Phoenix Improv Festival. In 2007, he helped launch The Torch Theatre. He taught at High School Theatre Arts from 2003 to 2011 and is currently performing with The Torch Theatre’s Apollo 12 and The Foundation, as well as Mack Duncan: 1-Man Show and the puppet troupe Die Puppet Die. Mack also covers Phoenix geek culture for

Meet Guest Host Gina

Guest host Gina, third from the left, is pictured here at Phoenix Comicon 2014 with the Educating [Geeks] Green Lanterns. Gina is a long time lover of comics and graphics novels. She worked for a number of years at All About Books and Comics and has altogether too many packed long boxes (impossible!). She makes her own jewelry, a lot of it geek related. She also leads the Phoenix local Graphic Novel Book Club which meets monthly to discuss graphic novels of all kinds.

Meet Guest Host Richard

Richard Begg works as a quality assurance specialist at Ricoh in Tempe and, in his spare time, writes film/book reviews for Geek News Network. He spent his childhood in Japan in the 1980’s, which he believes is where he developed his odd sense of humor and eventual enthusiasm for anything out of the ordinary. His most beloved film is Back to the Future and he still holds out hope he will own a Delorean one day. While not an avid reader, the works of Philip K. Dick, Arthur C. Clarke, Rod Serling, and Stephen King are what intrigue him. He enjoys making others laugh when the mood strikes, which is often, and also volunteers for both the Phoenix Film Festival and Phoenix ComiCon.