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E22: Runaway (1984)

E22 Runaway

Its the podcast where a filmmaker and comedian take anther look at the 80s movies we loved hated hated to love and loved to hate… with a haze of nostalgia but also with 2018 eyes…

Its as if these movies are robots that have run amok and we are the mustachioed robot cops assigned to track em down before they kill again.

This is Episode 22: Runaway… a movie selection from 1984.

Gank that Drank Returns! Season 2 E01: Dying and Clown

Gank S2E01

Gank That Drank: A Supernatural Drinking Game Podcast returns with Season 2 E01: Dying and Clown! It’s the episode where Dean’s out of body experiences and Dad’s terrible negotiation skills lead straight to deadly clown attacks and an exploration of the manly art of never discussing your feelings…

E21: 3 Men and a Baby (1987)

3 Men and a Baby

It’s the podcast where a filmmaker and a comedian watch over the 80s movies we love with 2018 eyes… you see its as if the movies of the 80s are a “package” we are asked to look after… Whether that package contains tons and tons heroin or the love of a human child is what we are out to discover!

THIS is Epsidode 21: 3 Men and a Baby – a movie selection from 1987

E20: Krull (1983)


It’s the podcast where a filmmaker and a comedian take an adventure into the mystical hills and quicksand laden bogs of the 80s movies we love, hate, hate to love and love to hate with the 2018 eyes of the Emerald Seer…

THIS is Episode 20: Krull… a movie selection from 1983.

E19 Troop Beverly Hills (1989)

E19 Troop Beverly Hills

It’s the podcast where a filmmaker and a comedian strike out to prove that those among us with the most possible advantages and privileged aren’t always the bullies and that sometimes the scrappy hard working kids from Culver City are the bad guys… And that sometimes its a good idea to look back on our favorite movies of the 80s with 2018 eyes.

Or… to put it more simply its the podcast where a film maker and a comedian settle in because its cookie time- its cookie time- its

coo-kie time… THIS is Episode 19: Troop Beverly Hills… a movie selection from 1989