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Welcome to Geek [Supplies] where friends decide they like the ninth Doctor. You may have heard someone say that the ninth Doctor is the most polarizing Doctor in the fandom. People either love him, or hate him. When the group got together to introduce Diana to the Doctor Who fandom we all decided we liked him, whether it started straight out of the gate or developed over time. Here you’ll find items the group selected to help celebrate the ninth Doctor’s fantastic-ness.


9th doctor t-shirts

Redbubble is always a great place to find fandom-friendly t-shirts. These three were my favorites.


Ninth Doctor Who Amigurumi

I don’t crochet. I admire people who crochet and I especially admire people who crochet amigurumi. Allison Hoffman of the Etsy shop craftyiscoolcrochet sells many Doctor Who amigurumi patterns. Along with the characters pictured above, she has many other wonderful options (like for the Golden Girls!). If you are crafty in this way you should definitely check out her shop.


Doctor Who Converse

I don’t know about you but I love that paining Converse is a thing. A search on Etsy revealed that there are many practitioners who love Doctor Who. Lucky us! The four pictured above were my favorites.


Doctor9 Dolls

These aren’t amigurumi but I wanted to include them. The Face of Boe and Cassandra were both mentioned as favorite aliens and if my son were younger I would consider these two plush dolls as birthday presents.


Ninth Doctor Who Jewelry

Sometimes I like to express my fandom is a subtle way and I think jewelry is a great way to do that. An Etsy search revealed lots of options. There four were my favorites.


Ninth Doctor Who MISC

In my searches on Etsy I discovered these items that caught my fancy but didn’t fit into any neat categories.

Educating [Geeks] podcast for Doctor Who Series 1.

E[G] Drinking Game rules for Doctor Who Series 1 will post this Friday (9/19/2014).

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