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Dune - The Books

Matthew, Megan, Norm and I have all agreed to continue on with our reading and subsequent discussion of the world Frank Herbert created. We also agreed to stick with only the novels written by Frank Herbert himself. You should join us in our reading adventure. We’ve got Dune under out belts; next up are:

Dune Movies

We talked a little bit about the movies and mini series on the podcast. The four of us will be getting together to discuss the 1980s film over at the 602 Club so make sure to listen to that. I have seen the mini series Children of Dune and the documentary film Jodorowsky’s Dune but not Frank Herbert’s Dune. Would you recommend it?


Dune - Music

There is some singing that happens on the podcast that spontaneously starts after Matthew learns that Toto did the sound track for the 1980s film. Here I have for you the aforementioned soundtrack, the soundtrack for the ill-fated film by Jodorowsky and the album I long for by the new formed group the Matt & Norm project.

Art Prints

Dune - Art Prints (1)

Both of these works of art are so striking! I can see the poster on the left hanging in a Sietch and the one on the right is so violently beautiful. The Wormsign propaganda poster is by Aaron Wood. The Shai-Hulud print is by Wednesday Wolf. Both of these artists have numerous other wonderful geeky prints available. You should take a look at both shops.


Dune - Cosplay

The Bene Gesserit are one of the most fascinating groups in the Dune universe. Here are a couple of items to get you started on your cosplay outfit. On the left is a head dress by MiraCrafts and on the right is an arm band by DominicElvinDesign.

Beard Oil

87b242379744a542f160bdde486905aa (1)

Gosh I love Etsy for all of the wonderfully creative people that offer up their goods on its site. Jason at AwesomeBeardCo makes beard oil and he also happens to be a huge fan of Frank Herbert’s Dune. The result? Arrakis beard oil. I adore his description: “This scent is my attempt at distilling that “spice” into something your nose and whiskers will appreciate. It’ll transport you to the sandworm infested wasteland to fight alongside the Fremen against the deadly Baron Harkonnen with notes of classic spices like clove, cinnamon, black pepper and earthy tones like patchouli, ginger, and bay with a dash of clean citrus.”

The Only T-shirt That Matters


We have some interesting candidates for the US presidency in 2016 — may I offer up instead Muad-dib. Get your campaign support t-shirt now from GrabGeek on Etsy.


Educating [Geeks] podcast for Dune

E[G] Drinking Game rules for Dune will post this Friday (9/19/2014).

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