WHOA E20: Before, Dicks and Wick

E20 Before, Dicks and Wick

This week on WHOA: A Most EXCELLENT Keanu Reeves podcast we watched “The Night Before” from 1988. “Swedish Dicks” from 2016 and “John Wick Chapter 2” from 2017. Get ready for prom night amnesia, dicks who used to be DJs, and a world where literally EVERYONE is an assassin.

Spoiler Alert

A bit more than our usual spoiler alert this week. For “The Night Before” and “John Wick Chapter 2” we are discussing the movies in their entirety, as usual. So if you want to know whether Winston is able to recover his memory and save Tara from being sold as a sex slave, or if John Wick is able to complete another impossible task before we spoil it for you here, you should probably watch the movies first…  HOWEVER if you want to know whether Axel and Ingmar solve the mystery of Tex and his accidental stunt man death… you’ll either have to do some interweb sleuthing to find it online or wait for it to be released in the US.

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Episode 20 Features

“The Night Before” from 1988. Keanu is Winston, the biggest dork in school who scored a prom date with the most popular girl after she loses a bet. Their night gets derailed when they end up on the wrong side of the tracks and they end up roofied, lost, robbed and sold into slavery. SO, you know, it’s your standard 80’s teen comedy. “The Night Before” can be found on Hulu, Google Play or Amazon. I think everyone should see this movie. It’s not so bad it’s good…. it is so bad that it is interesting.

In Episode 20 we also cover…

“Swedish Dicks” from 2016. Keanu is Tex, a stuntman whose mysterious death leads his former partner, Ingmar, to leave the biz and start a private detective agency. Ingmar is joined by a fellow Swedish investigator and, together, the Swedish Dicks solve cases and delve deeper into the mystery of Tex. I think everyone should see this TV series. Eventually, you will be able to.

AND in Episode 20 we ALSO also cover…

“John Wick Chapter 2” from 2017. Keanu is John, an unstoppable assassin who finds himself in a complicated situation when he must fulfill a “marker” he owes…. and then literally everyone on planet earth tries to kill him. To see this movie, you must actually put on pants and leave your house. John Wick Chaper 2 is still in theaters as of the posting of this episode. See it.

Meet The Guest

Dorian Lenz

Dorian is the Director of NCT Phoenix. He previously enjoyed a successful career as Director of National Comedy Theatre San Diego; San Diego’s longest running comedy show. Dorian began performing improv comedy as a young teenager and now has more than 20 years of performance experience under his belt. Dorian has been teaching professional improvisers, workshop classes and high school improv leagues for more than 15 years. Dorian has performed across the country and all over the world, including performing overseas in Germany, Holland and Belgium for US Troops with Armed Forces Entertainment, as well as countless corporate and special events all over the United States.


Whats Up Next?

Episode 21: Prince and Truth is comin’ at ya a bit earlier than you might expect… NEXT Wednesday March 29th. In “The Prince of Pennsylvania”  from 1988 Keanu is Rupert, an unusual kid in a coal mining town who has to figure out a way to live under the thumb of his controlling Dad. …And there is a wacky heist! In “The Whole Truth” from 2016 Keanu is Ramsey, a lawyer who must take on a difficult case in which his client refuses to speak. Oh, and also Keanu might be too wrapped up in the events of the murder to be a good lawyer in this instance.


Your bonus Keanu for the day! OK, here we go with the John Wick Kill Count we mention in the episode and the John Wick Chapter 2 Kill Count. And, just to keep the fun going, a NERF Parody of John Wick.


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