E[G] Drinking Game – American Horror Story: Asylum

If we were in the Asylum we’d  probably be drinking Jim Beam. Planning on watching American Horror Story? Grab some friends and check out our drinking game rules.

The geek hosts recommend milk based drinks – kalua and cream, mudslides, or a slippery nipple

• Take a drink any time someone says “Bloody Face”
• Take a drink any time someone hits on Kit
• Take drink whenever you hear the song Dominique
• Take a drink any time the red underwear are on screen
• Take a drink if the angel of death shows up
• Take a shot if the angel of death kisses someone
• If Angel of Death does NOT kiss someone, poor a shot out
• Finish your drink anytime a character dies
• Take a drink anytime someone cries
• Take 2 drinks any time Sister Jude cries
• Take a shot any time Sister Jude takes a shot
• Drink a glass of water any time there’s a scene in the bathtub room
• Take a drink any time Dr. Arden is performing an experiment on somebody
• Take another drink if the post-experiment stitches are gruesome
• Take a drink whenever Sister Mary Eunice gives off sexual overtones or undertones
• Take a shot any time the aliens show up

Educating [Geeks] podcast for American Horror Story: Asylum

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