E[G] Drinking Game – Iconica

Thinking about playing a bit of Iconica this weekend? If you’re a multitasking pro, why don’t you play a game within a game and give our drinking game rules a go? If you’ve never heard of Iconica, make sure you give Episode 12 of Eduating [Geeks] a listen to hear our review!

Team Games:

  • Both members of a team take a drink if one party member is disappointed with their partner’s actions
  • Take a shot if everyone on your team takes damage
  • If you are confused and you don’t succeed at your action, your partner takes a drink but you take a shot
  • Take a drink any time you catch your partner rooting for the other team
  • If you land on a reaction tile, take 1 shot per 10 points of reaction damage 3 shots max (or 2 or 1 – please set your own max and drink responsibly)
  • For every character you have that is stunned, take a drink

Whenever taking an action that requires an extra dice roll:

  • Take a drink if you get your desired action
  • Take a shot if you do NOT get your desired action

Individual Rules:

  • Take a drink for every 10 damage you take
  • If you successfully complete your final act everyone else must take a shot
  • If you fail at your final act you take 2 shots
  • When you land on a skull tile you must finish your drink

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