E[G] Drinking Game S2 E06 – X-Files S1

Last week on Educating [Geeks] Alice, Cassie and Megan gave geek host Andrea an education on the first season of The X-Files. We had no trouble coming up with a gigantic list of drinking game rules for this 90’s classic. Take a look at our best rules and listen to the conversation below.

  • Take a drink if Mulder is using his projector
  • Empty your glass if someone calls Mulder spooky, foxy or stinky
  • Take a drink anytime someone says “trust no one” or “I want to believe”
  • Take a drink if something supernatural is happening and Scully conveniently fails to witness it
  • Take a drink whenever you get nostalgic for the 90’s fashion
  • Take a drink whenever Mulder is shirtless
  • Take a drink if there’s radio static or snow on a TV or computer screen
  • Take a drink if Scully asks why they’ve gone somewhere or why they’re really there
  • Take a shot if Scully or Mulder is near death or in the hospital
  • Take a drink if Mulder and Scully are disagreeing on a theory
  • If there’s a Scully voiceover, waterfall your drink until it’s over
  • Take a drink whenever you recognize one of the bit players
  • Take a drink if Mulder starts listing things
  • Take a drink if Mulder cracks a cheesy one-liner
    • If you’re watching with friends and someone actually laughs at a Mulder one-liner the person caught laughing should take a big gulp of their drink.
  • Take a drink if Scully performs an autopsy (keep drinking if it’s grossing you out and you need help coping)
  • Take a shot if Cigarette Smoking Man, Well Manicured Man or Deep Throat shows up in an episode for the first time
  • SEASON 1 SPECIFIC: Take a shot to celebrate the first ever appearance of The Lone Gunmen

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