E[G] Drinking Game S2 E11 – Game of Thrones Seasons 2, 3 & 4

Geek hosts Megan and Bri were joined by guest hosts Hong and Richard and 500 Phoenix Comicon attendees in creating these rules.  The hosts let the audience take the lead this time around and they put together a set of rules you can use any time you call your banners to watch any season of Game of Thrones. Special thanks to Pop Culture Paradise who provided a huge gift basket to the winner of the best audience drinking game rule contest. #AllMenMustDie

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Host rules:

  • From last year’s rules: Before you start watching you must declare your house. Whenever you see their sigil, hear their words, etc. you must take a drink
  • Whenever anyone is “Warging” out, take a shot
  • Whenever anyone takes a drink of mead, you take a drink

 Audience rules:

  • Drink every time Grey Worm’s words are corrected
  • Drink every time Ramsay Snow makes Theon say his name is Reek
  • Drink any time Jorah calls her Daenerys Khaleesi
  • Drink every time John Snow broods
  • Finish your drink every time the rains of Castamere are mentioned
  • Take a shot every time John Snow squints into the distance
  • Every time Valerian steel is mentioned take a shot
  • Take a drink every time Tyrion gets laid
  • Drink for every Boob you see and take a shot for any glimpse of a penis
  • Every time something something gold is mentioned take a drink
  • Take a drink every time John Snow is contradicted and take two every time he is called a bastard
  • Every time Tyrion’s height is mentioned take a drink
  • Every time The Hound wants more chicken take a drink
  • If a character comes on screen and you can’t remember their name, take a shot

The Winning Rule:

  • Take a drink every time Arya says one of the name’s on her kill list

If you haven’t listened to the full podcast recording you should and don’t forget to peruse our Game of Thrones Geek [Supplies].

And we must give a shout out to Brewery Ommegang for their Game of Thrones themed brews: Fire and Blood, Iron Throne, and Take the Black Stout. Have you tasted any of these fine beers? Or do you have a suggestion for a drinking game rule we missed? Let us know in the comments.


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