E[G] Drinking Game S2 E12 – Sleepy Hollow S1


Alice, Andrea, Devon and Sara all got together with a bunch of Sleepyheads at Phoenix Comicon to create these drinking game rules for Sleepy Hollow. There is a fair amount of drinking that happens on the show. From Ale to whiskey, from cordials to coffee and of course bottled water (as mentioned in Geek [Supplies]). Don’t forget to listen to the podcast if you haven’t already. #egsleepyheads

*Recording live has its challenges. We had a mic issues at the beginning of the recording but it passes quickly.

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  • Take a drink every time Ichabod uses a $10 word
  • Take a drink every time Jenny waggles her eyebrows in skepticism
  • Take a drink every time Ichabod calls Abbie “Left”-tenant
  • Take a drink every time you think “What the heck are you doing Captain Irving?”
  • Take a shot every time the show teases use with the shaving Ichabod’s beard or cutting his hair
  • Take a drink every time Ichabod complains about something modern
  • Take a drink every time Ichabod smirks when Abbie wants to do something illegal
  • Take a shot every time you see the Horseman
  • Every time Andie switches sides, take a drink
  • Take a drink every time Ichabod corrects a historical fact
  • Waterfall your drink for the length of Ichabod’s rants
  • If two people are arguing over a historical fact of the show, whomever ends up being wrong must take a shot
  • Shotgun your beer when you recognize a plot or scene that you’ve already seen on Supernatural

What do you think the signature Sleepy Hollow drink should be? Do you have any rules to add? Let us know in the comments or on social media.


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