E[G] Drinking Game S2 E13 – E.T. The Extraterrestrial

Andrea, Sara, and Bri put their heads together to come up with rules for an E.T. drinking game. It seemed apropos considering the fact that the title character wastes no time in getting tanked when left to his own devices. Listen to the full podcast and check out Geek [Supplies] for an Educating [Geeks] approved drinking vessel. You’ll need it.

Take a:

  • shot every time the belly glows
  • drink every time you agree with Gertie
  • drink every time you question the mother’s actions
  • drink every time an adult does something cruel/unusual/uncomfortable
  • drink every time you see a Star Wars reference
  • drink every time you see something iconically 80’s
  • drink every time they go to the woods
  • drink every time E.T. makes something levitate
  • drink when the bike friends show up on screen
  • shot when you question the intelligence of the extraterrestrials
  • drink every time the keys jingle
  • drink every time you see a man in a suit
  • sip for every frog you see
  • half shot every time Mexico is mentioned
  • drink every time they call E.T. something besides an alien


  • waterfall the entire time you see the spaceship
  • keep up with E.T. when he’s drinking beers or waterfall your drink through the scene
  • if a friend says “E.T. phone home” make them take a shot
  • waterfall the entire time the bikers are flying through the air


Signature Drink: Coors in a pop top can

Signature Cocktail: Andrea proved Bri wrong, there IS a peanut butter-based cocktail…find the Peanut Butter Cup Martini here!


Do you have more rules to add? A better cocktail recipe? Tell us in the comments.


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