E[G] Drinking Game S4 E14 – Betrayal at House on the Hill

On this edition of the Educating Geeks Drinking Game, Andrea, Diana, Cassie and Krissy create drinking game rules for the tabletop game, Betrayal at House on the Hill. They (appropriately) come up with 13 ghoulishly good rules and some tasty beverages to help you endure the horrors of the house.

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Betrayal at the House on the Hill Drinking Game Rules

1. Take a drink every time you pull an omen card (or when you do a haunt roll – your choice!)

2. Take a shot when the haunt is triggered

2a. Take two shots if you are the traitor

3. Take a shot everytime it is your turn as the traitor

4. Guess who will turn traitor, whoever is wrong must take a shot

5. Take a sip whenever you increase or decrease your traits

6. Take a ‘dammit’ sip for each dead end you create

7. Take a drink for each room tile effect

8. Take a drink if you are forced to have 2 or more companions

9. Take a sip for a statistically low dice roll

10. Pour one out (into your mouth) for your homie whenever a comrade dies

10a. The person who dies should take 2 shots

11. Drink for an addition to a room (such as secret passage, the blessing etc)

12. Finish your drink when your side declares victory

12a. The losing side should take a shot and finish your drink

13. Take a drink every turn you are stuck in a room or on a floor

Betrayal at the House on the Hill Signature Beer

The Fear, Imperial Pumpkin Ale by Flying Dog Brewery
I think this speaks for itself.


Betrayal at the House on the Hill Signature Cocktail

The El Diablo
(I suggest using Cruz tequila)
1½ ounces tequila
½ ounce crème de cassis
½ ounce lime juice
ginger beer
2 lime wedges, for garnish

Add tequila, crème de cassis, and lime juice to an ice-filled cocktail shaker. Shake vigorously. Strain into an ice-filled old-fashioned glass and top with ginger beer. Garnish with a squeeze of lime and a lime wedge.


Banshee scream!

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