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Welcome to Geek [Supplies] — where friends help friends save the world from misguided, well-intentioned geniuses whose inventions almost destroy the planet (every week). Phew – I think that deserves a beer.


I know I already said it in the Eureka S1 & S2 podcast, but Colin Ferguson makes me smile. Krissy mentioned that he has a history of improv. Judge for yourself in this episode of Table Top, Ticket to RideTabletop


Henrys Shirt

I imagine that Henry wears this shirt under his coveralls. When in Eureka and you need an oil change, be sure to visit the local mechanic/coroner/physicist … yeahhhhhh.

GD Shirt

I feel like this is the “team shirt” for Global Dynamics. Every new hire to GD gets one of these. Damn. Straight.

Cafe Diem Shirt


Who wouldn’t want to support their favorite (or only?) coffee and restaurant joint in Eureka? Show some love for this pun and Vincent with this Cafe Diem shirt!


For Dummies

They should make a pocket copy of this book for Carter to keep on him at all times. Who am I kidding, I need a pocket copy to consult while I watch Eureka.

Eureka Book


Everyone is a scientist deep down. Chad Orzel and this book discuss how everyday people do and use science in their daily life without even realizing it.



8 Ball Stout Beer_alleycat Beer_LCBpaleale









In our drinking game rules, we learn that Eureka, California is a real place! And it has its own brewery – Lost Coast. They have a variety of beer types for all beer drinkers. I’d be happy to raise an Eight Ball Stout after a long day of saving the world from the likes of Douglas Fargo.


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E[G] Drinking Game rules for  Eureka Seasons 1 & 2.


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