All About [TV] – Fall 2014 Genre TV Premieres

Your one stop shop for a listing of the Fall 2014 Genre TV premieres. We’ve got the day, time, channel and a link to view the trailer for upcoming genre tv premieres all in one handy spot. Geek hosts Megan and  Cassie toss in some quick comments as well. Let us know what you are planning to watch in the comments and/or on social media!


Monday 9/22

BBT vs Gotham

8/7c The Big Bang Theory (CBS) Watch trailer

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Megan: The loved-yet-divisive geek show is back for an 8th season. I’m glad fans of the show will get to see it continue – I’ve never particularly been a big fan. Can’t wait for another season of explaining why the jokes are funny to my coworkers who aren’t geeks.

Cassie: I respect the show for its mass appeal, and even laughed throughout the one episode I’ve watched, but I just can’t quite into it. But you’ve gotta love an example of nerds ruling the universe – or at least the TV universe.

8/7c Gotham (Fox) Watch trailer

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Megan: I love the concept for Gotham and the trailers have done a good job of getting me intrigued. Given the choice between BBT and Gotham, I’ll be curling up with Gotham.

Cassie: I’m totally catching Gotham. Kind of bummed they didn’t release it early, but it’s been catching so much buzz, they probably knew most people would check it out. Here’s hoping it can live up to the hype!


Scorpian vs SH

9/8c Scorpion (CBS) Watch trailer

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Megan: The trailer for this looks super over the top – though I guess that shouldn’t be a surprise with Justin Lin producing (he’s known for the Fast and Furious franchise). Educating [Geeks] favorites Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are also involved, and you can certainly see their influence as well. Looks intriguing, but I’m not sure if it’s my cup of tea. Instead, I think I’ll spend my time watching the other Kurtzman/Orci program occupying the same timeslot…

Cassie: I know very little about this show, except that it fits the CBS brand perfectly. Again, I’m all for geeks kicking butt and taking names. I’ll probably catch it On Demand later in the week.

9/8c Sleepy Hollow (Fox) Watch featured videos

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Megan: I can’t WAIT for Sleepy Hollow to come back. I still think the pilot was one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. I really enjoyed the campy ride through season 1. I’m squeeing with anticipation to see what season 2 holds.

Cassie: I wanted to follow Sleepy Hollow from the very beginning, but got sidetracked and then left in the dust. Since I’m not the best binge-watcher, it’s unclear when I’ll have time to catch up. But I hear nothing but great things about it from Geek Host Sara, so hopefully the second season goes well.



10/9c Forever (ABC) Watch Pilot

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Megan: I haven’t watched the pilot for this yet, but I checked out the trailer. It looks like a police procedural with some supernatural stuff thrown in. I’m not totally sure how I feel about it. The concept is interesting, but I can feel the love story being shoved down my throat already. I’ve never been a big fan of cop procedurals, even when they feel geared towards the geek crowd (I’m looking at you Castle). I’m in agreement with Cassie – not sure about the mass appeal, but it’ll be interesting to see if this takes off.

Cassie: ABC released Forever online early, so I saw it a few weeks ago. It’s an interesting concept. As I said on Facebook, it’s basically “(Elementary + Pushing Daisies) / The Mentalist,” which will no doubt appeal to many viewers. Not so sure about its mass appeal, but Ioan Gruffudd is definitely a great selling point.


Tuesday 9/23


9/8c Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC) Watch teaser trailer

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Megan: I watched the first 3 episodes of season 1 before I gave up and focused my attentions on Sleepy Hollow. Apparently, I gave up a little too soon because the consensus among everyone I know is that Agents got way better as the season went along. I’m glad to hear they got a second season and I’m looking forward to binge-watching the first season so I can get caught up on all the Marvel goodness.

Cassie: So… I was rooting for this series before it aired, missed the premiere, heard less-than-complimentary things about it, and then lost track of the series’ arc. Like Megan, I heard that AOS found its footing in an exciting way toward the mid-season hiatus, and then I guess it came back guns blazing. ABC is banking a lot on the series, which is why I wish it well. (I’m a fan of television success stories in which I have no direct stakes.)


Sunday 9/28


8/7c Once Upon a Time (ABC) Watch teaser trailer

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Megan: There was a time I watched ONCE. I remember enjoying it, but when I tried to remember what stories I liked the most, I honestly couldn’t remember a thing that happened. I even went to Netflix episode descriptions to refresh my memory – nada. So I don’t really know what that means for the show and my brain. But all that aside, I thought this project was an ambitious one when it started. It reminded me a lot of one of my favorite comic series Fables. The fact that they’re diving head first into their 4th season means they’re doing something that’s resonating with viewers. The addition of characters from Frozen is a no-brainer. I’m sure the success of that movie will only do good things for the show.

Cassie: I watch OUAT pretty regularly, even if not on Sunday nights. It’s funny; I remember when the series premiered a few years ago, and Megan and I would do the ol’ watercooler chat about it with some other co-workers. Since then, I think I may be the only one left following the series. It’s an interesting concept, and the cast seems pretty cool. Again, I’m a fan of television success stories, so I hope the Frozen infusion garners the desired effect this season.



9/8c Resurrection (ABC) Watch teaser trailer

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Megan: Wow, I didn’t even realize that this show had aired, let alone that it had a second season. I remember thinking that the first season looked interesting, and watching the 2nd season trailer, it looks like things are getting even darker and more mysterious. I gotta say, I’m intrigued. So I’ll probably be catching up on season 1 and checking out season 2 when it lands.

Cassie: I watched the series premiere last year, and I enjoy the cast. But I stopped following the series shortly after that, so I have no idea where things left off for the main characters. Unfortunately, Resurrection was one of last season’s few broadcast network success stories out there, so hopefully the hyper-serialized show can keep viewers reeled in for its second season.



Thursday 10/2


8/7c The Vampire Diaries (CW) Watch trailer

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Megan: The CW really seems to be putting out a ton of geek friendly shows these days – and honestly, they’ve been doing it for a long time. I’ve never been into the Vampire Diaries, but good for them on season 6. This seems like a train that’s gonna be hard to stop.

Cassie: I’m not a vampire fan, so I’ve never caught TVD on The CW. Their cast is pretty, appear to be pretty fun and cool, and their fans are SERIOUS when it comes to social media. Other than Damon and Elena’s epic love story, I know nothing about the show. They’ve been a pretty solid mainstay for the network though, so no doubt they’ll continue to run strong this season, no matter what they do.


Monday 10/6


8/7c The Originals (CW) Watch trailer

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Megan: Vampires, werewolves and witches, Oh my! I’m sorry, but this spinoff of The Vampire Diaries looks laughably melodramatic. To quote a trailer I checked out, “Where is this witch that dares craft moonlight rings without my permission?”. File this one under the long list of programs I didn’t know existed. Oh man, I feel so out of touch. I don’t recognize anything on the CW anymore. I know, you’re now asking “Megan, are you even qualified to comment on television premieres?” Well the answer is no, but that’s not gonna stop a girl from dreaming. Anyway, all my teasing aside, I feel somewhat compelled to watch this. Even more so than parent program Vampire Diaries. Why? Well, I’m a KDrama fan and melodrama is hard for me to pass up. This looks like that perfect blend of ridiculous over the top drama I can’t look away from and then hate myself for later. Even better, there’s an entire season for me to catch up on.

Cassie: You had me at “KDrama.” But seriously, I often forget this series exists because I never watched The Vampire Diaries. If you do check out The Originals, Megan, please let me know if it reminds you of the General Hospital spin-off, Port Charles. And feel free to compare its main couple to Caleb and Livvie.


Tuesday 10/7


8/7c The Flash (CW) Watch trailer

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Megan: If you don’t count Batman, I think The Flash is my favorite D.C. character (I mean, have you seen him in a blue lantern suit?). I can’t wait to see where this one goes.

Cassie: I was only introduced to The Flash as an adult, but this series definitely has a lot of good-geek- will behind it, so I’m hoping it succeeds.



9/8c Supernatural (CW) Watch trailer

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Megan: It’s back. And I still haven’t seen anything past the first season. I know completely sacrilege for a geek TV fan, but it’s for a good cause – I swear (I can promise we’ll be covering this one on the podcast someday and I want to be the one getting my education). Fans are giddy for the 10th season, and I can’t blame them. If Tumblr is any indication, this quirky show is more than a little perfect.

Cassie: Not sacrilege! I’m a firm believer that you can’t be well-versed in all things geek, and your Geek Cred shouldn’t be challenged if something fails to resonate with you. Considering my sister was a major Winchester fan early, I’ve always been fairly familiar with the ongoing story arcs. I think Supernatural just has the “problem” of having been on the air for a decade, so I’m afraid some of their storylines sound repetitive on the surface. This series seems to be on track to follow in Smallville’s footsteps as an anchor for CW, but considering the series’ age and cost, some of the network’s newer and less-expensive fare may prove capable of holding itself up come fall 2015.



10/9c Town of the Living Dead (Syfy) Watch trailer

Megan: Somebody at Syfy watched American Movie and thought “we can do that only better!” And they might be right. They’re banking on a lot that seems to work in TV these days: reality tv and horrible B movies. The trailer looks funny and the town seems to be full of characters that will keep you entertained. As an aspiring filmmaker myself, I hope these people finally finish their product so we can all watch it on Syfy and celebrate the next Sharknado.

Cassie: I saw the trailer for the first time a few days ago and loved the premise. I have no other information about this town, but I have to admire Syfy for somehow managing to blend Duck Dynasty and Project Greenlight – no easy task, I’m sure. Like Megan, I’m rooting for this community of indie filmmakers, whether they make it to post-production or not.


Wednesday 10/8


8/7c Arrow (CW) Watch trailer

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Megan: Alice’s favorite is back! This is another one of those shows I watched about 4 episodes of before I moved on to other things. But what I did watch I enjoyed – around the standard CW drama at least. Amell is a gem and I’m glad to see him on a successful franchise. This is another one on my list of shows to catch up on.

Cassie: Ah, Stephen Amell. You really can’t go wrong with this guy. He seems really smart and humble and sweet, with abs that just won’t quit. Though I’m supposed to be talking about Arrow, I only watched the pilot, so I’m a tad bit clueless. But, you know… Stephen Amell. (PS: Alice, don’t go!)

Alice: OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! So excited for Arrow! Sorry to butt in … I’ll leave now.



10/9c American Horror Story: Freak Show (FX)     View Video Extras

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Megan: Educating [Geeks] is no stranger to American Horror Story and season 4 looks simply amazing. I can’t help but feel hyped up seeing all the promotional images and the news that favorite Asylum side character Pepper has a role this time around has me quivering with anticipation. After the disappointment of Coven, I’m ready for a dark, character driven season of AHS that doesn’t rely on characters being catty to one another. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’m not getting my hopes up, but I really can’t help it. I can’t wait for this to start.

Cassie: The trailers for this series look absolutely terrifying and unnerving. So, yeah… I won’t be watching that.


Sunday 10/12


9/8c The Walking Dead (AMC) Watch trailer

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Megan: I still haven’t watched season 4 and I feel like my life has a big hole in it. I’ve gotta get caught up before the Oct. 12 premiere. Anyone know when Season 4 is gonna hit Netflix? I’m having withdrawals.

Cassie: Oh, TWD, equally the most celebrated and most violent series on television besides HBO’s Game of Thrones. I won’t be catching up on the “Zombie Series that Launched a Thousand Zombie Series” anytime soon.


Monday 10/13


9/8 c Star Wars Rebels (Disney XD) Watch Extended Trailer

Megan: I have yet to dive into the world of Star Wars animated series. I know many people who have enjoyed The Clone Wars. I’m sure this is gonna do great. And someday I will watch it.

 Alice: Me again… I really enjoyed the stories for The Clone Wars and Ahsoka Tano as Anakin’s conscience. I am excited to see where they go with this series and I like this new animation style much more than what they did for Clone Wars.


Wednesday 10/22


9/8c The 100 (CW) Watch Video Content

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Megan: Is CW the only one putting out new shows this season? I know they’re not, but all these CW shows that I’m not aware of are making me feel really old. But holy moly does this look good. Plus, lots of great actors I love. I’ll be giving this one a look for sure.

Cassie: CW has established themselves as the lead genre TV supporter among the broadcast networks. Though they operate quite a bit differently than the other networks – with FOX being the closest in terms of programmable hours – I have to admire them for diving headfirst into all things sci-fi, supernatural, futuristic and speculative.


Friday 10/24


9/8c Grimm (NBC) Watch videos and full episodes

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Megan: I’m still angry at Grimm for getting picked up instead of 17th Precinct. I did give Grimm a chance, but couldn’t get more than 4 episodes in. I hear from fans that it picked up, but I’m still not wild about this one. Have fun with your new season Grimm fans. I’ll be over here checking out Outlander instead.

Cassie: Ha, that sounds like my annoyance at NBC for greenlighting Aaron Sorkin’s Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and pushing 30 Rock to midseason for Tina Fey’s maternity leave. (For the record, I grew to love Studio 60 and mourned its cancellation.) Anyway, Grimm is another on my list of “Series I Mean to Check Out, But Haven’t Found the Time.”

Alice: My Monroe is back! XOXOXO. I totally forgive him for marrying someone else. Okay, I’ll leave now for realz.



10/9c Constantine (NBC) Watch trailer

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Megan: I’ve never read the comics, but I saw the Keanu Reeves movie. Somehow, I think it’s not the best example of what the Constantine series is like. I love the dark atmosphere of this and the story seems interesting. Sign me up! (also, holy British invasion Batman!).

Cassie: I’ve heard not so great things about this series, but I have no emotional attachment to the graphic novel, so perhaps I’d great it on a more generous and ignorant curve. However, as far as bad signs for a new series go, I was a bit perturbed by the abrupt, last-minute removal of a formerly key female lead actor, whose character was replaced by another. Not sure how that will work out, but wishing them the best on their first season.