Fan Fest Spotlight on David Ramsey and Ben Browder

Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest 2014 kicked off their first annual event December 12-14 at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, AZ. The event focused on comic books, costuming, kids, and actors. Some notable guests at the event were David Ramsey, Ben Browder, Linda Blair, Colin Baker, and Paul McGann.

At the time of Fan Fest, I had never seen Arrow, but had heard great things about the show as well as David Ramsey. And as a super Stargate SG1 fan, Ben Browder’s panel was a must. So, I buckled in for some good panel Q&A time on Saturday.

I’d like to note: everyone seems to have a John Barrowman story. Just, let that one sink in.

Spotlight on David Ramsay

Diggle Panel

Prior to the panels, Production Assistant Diana purchased a photo op with Ramsey and says that he was very friendly and personable individual who definitely wanted to hold a conversation with his fans. After seeing his panel presentation, I can absolutely, 100% agree with her assessment. I love when you see actors (or other famous people) who seem to be grounded and down to earth. Ramsey seems like one of those people.

Reasons to love David Ramsey:

  • Ramsey said if he could switch to any other character on Arrow, he would be Detective Lance
  • He told a story about how John Barrowman makes it very difficult to keep a straight face on set
  • Ramsey says that Stephen Amell is a very competitive person, and even asked him to put his pants back on during training after Ramsey was complimented on his calves
  • He believes strongly in the power of the fans, especially on social media
    • Speaking of social media, tweet #digglegetsamask to help get Diggle a superhero outfit on Arrow!
  • Ramsey strongly believes that Oliver Queen is the brother that John Diggle can save

Favorite Ramsey quote:

“Be careful not to speak in British.”

After several tidbits on what to expect in the upcoming episodes of Arrow (including a Thea storyline, a Suicide Squad storyline, and a possible Olicity ship), he provided his best impersonations of some of his fellow characters.

If you watch Ramsey’s panel on YouTube, make sure to check out my favorite moment of the whole panel is at 51:40, when a joke of Ramsey’s fall kinda flat and an audience member yells “You have failed this city!”.

Spotlight on Ben Browder

Ben Browder Hair
The first thing I would like to point out about the Ben Browder panel is in the above photo. Throughout the panel, he both undressed and could not keep his hands out of his hair. Secondly, Browder loves language. He loves words, books, semantics and linguistics. Does it involve words? — then he loves it! Browder says he comes to every panel prepared with a book suggestion. This time, he suggested a book called Made in America by Bill Bryson. His daughter is an English major in college.

Browder: “She’s smarter than I am. Well, she’s a girl, so obviously smarter than me to begin with.”

Ben shared that he comes to conventions because we are his people and because he wants to make Crichtonisms (based off his Farscape character, John Crichton) a thing . He also said that non-geeks didn’t get Crichton because geeks speak their own language and Crichton was a geek.

Browder: “I come here to be understood. My people!”

Browder told a story about John Barrowman and Eve Myles at a German con. If you were at Phoenix Comicon 2013 or 2014, you may have heard this story. It involves rhythmic pounding, loud noises, and mirrored windows. Oh and:

Browder: “Yes, I have kissed John Barrowman.”

Other reasons to love Browder:

  • He got the role on Stargate SG1 by punking the producer into thinking that Tricia Helfer (from Battlestar Galactica) was his wife
  • He would have a few drinks with Christopher Eccelston’s Ninth Doctor on a time bender
    • He was concerned about being pulled over by a NSA TARDIS
  • He can quote MacBeth flawlessly in a Southern accent

The last piece of advice that he gave the audience is to try. He said to just try with all your heart in whatever you do and know that you’ll probably fail. But you’ll fail gloriously because it is better to try and fail than to never try at all.

You can listen to all of the wise, sage advice and watch the glorious hair spectacle here.

Did you check out Phoenix Comicon’s first ever Fan Fest? What was your favorite panel or guest?