First Time [Film] Club E01 – A Knight’s Tale

Change your stars! A couple of Thursdays back geek hosts Megan and Alice joined NCT Phoenix Players Krissy and Zeke to record the first episode of the First Time [Film] Club podcast. We recorded in front of a live audience after the film, A Knight’s Tale, was presented by NCT Phoenix. The discussion includes Paul Bettany camera angles, suppository hats, the definition of turpulence and Zeke gets a call from his butt.

SPOILER ALERT – We talk about the film in detail so if you don’t want spoilers make sure you watch the film first.

Listen to the very end (after the music) to hear a special message from Krissy.

Drinking Game Rules

  • A shot for every time you see Paul Bettany’s butt
  • Take a drink every time somebody kisses the horse
  • Take an ANGRY shot every time Adhemar flashes the angry eyes
  • If you catch someone cringing at a line of dialogue they have to take a drink
  • Take a drink every time someone says “fong”
  • Take a drink from a wine cooler for every feminist statement
  • Finish your glass every time someone draws their dagger
  • Take a drink every time someone says “change your stars”
  • If you roll your eyes when someone says “change your stars” take an extra drink
  • Take a drink if you find yourself feeling sorry for Count Adhemar’s herald
  • Take a shot every time the Black Prince shows up
  • Take a sip of your ale if a lance is broken on the body
  • Take a drink of your ale if a lance is broken on the head
  • Take a shot if the rider is unhorsed
  • Take a drink every time you spot the Nike swoosh
  • Take a drink for every anachronism – just kidding
  • Take a drink every time Wat gets hopping mad
  • You must waterfall drink through each of Chaucer’s speeches
  • During the training montage, take a drink for every time he misses and a shot when he finally nails it
  • Take a drink every time a helmet comes off and someone’s hair is perfect
  • Take a drink every time you spot an extra doing something a little bit strange

The Jocelyn Rules

  • A drink must be taken for every overly dramatic line delivered by Jocelyn
  • Take a drink every time Shannyn Sossamon’s English accent is terrible
  • Take a drink every time you can identify a facial expression
  • Every time Jocelyn has a line you pause the film, every one playing the game has the opportunity to deliver the same line, whomever’s delivery is deemed best gets to dole out shots


NCT Phoenix


Check out all of the awesome things that are happening with Krissy, Zeke and all the folks at National Comedy Theatre – Phoenix by visiting their website.


Next Time On The First Time [Film] Club Podcast

Ghostbusters 2

Come watch the film and then join in the action by staying for the podcast recording after the film. The film will show at NCT Phoenix on Thursday, December 18, 2014.