E[G] Drinking Game S3 E16 – FLCL

This week on the Educating [Geeks] Drinking Game Podcast Bri, Alice, and Megan create a drinking game for the 15th anniversary release of the anime FLCL!

FLCL Drinking Game Rules

Take a drink…

  • When Haru hits someone with her bass
  • Someone says the word “robot” (optional: take a shot if they call him “tvboy”)
  • Mamimi says “Ta-kun”
  • Mamimi is smoking (take a second drink if her cigarette says “never knows best”)
  • Someone mentions sour or spicy stuff
  • For every upskirt camera shot
  • When the commander’s eyebrows twinkle or if someone says or thinks “EYEBROWS”
  • When the animation style changes
  • When something mechanical comes out of someone’s head
  • If a cat is in the shot
  • If someone is making “fishmouth” you have to make the same face while drinking

Take a shot…

  • The animation changes to manga style
  • When the commander’s eyebrows fall off
  • If you see cat butt or balls
  • When Canti eats Naota

Waterfall your drink…

  • When steam is coming out of the iron building
  • For the length of every slow-mo kiss

Empty your glass when…

  • The person being up-skirted  is going commando

Signature Beer

Robot Ninja Lage – Happy Place Brewing Co

Not Your Father’s Rootbeer – Smalltown Brewery

Signature Cocktail

Haruko Atomsk Fling:
1 part Viniq Vodka
1 part alcoholic ginger beer
2 moonshine cherries on a skewer

(throw the ingredients together in a glass, BOOM you’re done)

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