E[G] Drinking Game S3 E10 – American Horror Story: Freak Show

We hope you have enough drinks on hand to drown in, because the crowd at Phoenix Comicon 2015 came up with more drinking game rules than you can shake a juggling pin at.

Take a drink…

  • when a character seems to be playing their character from a previous season
  • every time Dandy is bored
  • whenever someone in the show drinks
  • every time you think “what the @&#^ just happened?”
  • every time the intro makes your skin crawl (waterfall through the fast-forward if you try to skip the intro)
  • every time someone dies
  • every time Elsa has a cigarette
  • when you wonder how the Cabinet of Curiosities makes any money
  • every time you can’t understand Kathy Bates’ accent
  • every time Dandy’s mom complies with his demands
  • any time you see Dandy’s whitey tighties
  • every time Dandy says “Mother” and every time his mother says “Dandy”
  • every time Elsa spits bullshit / throws something
  • every time someone picks up Ma Petite

Take a shot…

  • when an act is added to the show
  • Angela Bassett makes a smartass comment
  • every time Dandy kills someone…with the exception of Curtain Call

Waterfall when…

  • the entire time Twisty has a menacing stare
  • the entire time Dandy is having a tantrum
  • the entire time Dandy is drowning

Signature Alcohol

Circus City IPA by Big Top Brewing Co

Photo Courtesy Big Top Brewing Co

Photo courtesy of Big Top Brewing Co.

Signature Cocktail

Freak Show Formaldehyde Fizz

  • Cotton Candy Vodka
  • Popcorn Liqueur
  • Soda Water
  • Cherries


Congratulations again to our gift bag winner for coming up with the rule:

Drink and/or waterfall every time someone is holding Ma Petite.

And remember…”STARS NEVER PAY!”

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