E[G] Drinking Game S2 E15 – Fringe Season 4

This week on the Educating [Geeks] Drinking Game, special guest Devon joins geek hosts Alice, Megan and Sara in creating “big boy” drinking game rules for Fringe season 4. These are a continuation of the rules created for Fringe seasons 1 – 3.

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If you haven’t already, make sure to listen to the podcast discussion of Fringe season 4  and our first episode covering Fringe, Educating [Geeks] podcast for Fringe seasons 1 – 3. Check out the Fringe Geek [Supplies] as well.

The Rules

Take a drink…

  • If you catch someone looking grossed out, you can make them drink
  • If you are the first one to spot an observer in the episode, you get to make everyone else drink
  • Every time you spot a poorly done needle injection shout “perpendicular to the vein” and then take a drink
  • Take one drink every time someone gets strapped down to a table and a second drink if they then get electrodes attached to them
  • Take a drink every time someone is called “pretty”
  • Take a drink if Walter gets excited/impressed with something gross or diabolical
  • Take a drink every time someone says “Massive Dynamic”
  • Take a drink for every blatant product placement
  • Take a drink every time someone picks a lock
  • Take a drink for unrealistic science done in an unreasonable amount of time

Take a shot…

  • Take a shot for blood coming out of an orifice
  • Take a shot for a needle going into the cranium
  • Take a shot every time Dunham does something that you think a FBI agent shouldn’t do
  • Take a shot of absinthe anytime Anna Torv actually emotes through her facial gestures
  • Waterfall during technobable speeches
  • Waterfall whenever someone is having a conversation with their alternate

Alcohol specific rules…

  • Drink a beer every time Peter says something with absolute knowledge and no one else has any idea how he knows it, but they all just go along with it
  • Sip a nice whiskey every time Broyles & his alter ego are awesome
  • Drink a Cement Mixer (Bailey’s and Lime juice) everytime Walter says something people think he means metaphorically, when he means it literally. Like when he says “If I knew you were coming, I would’ve baked a cake”
  • Drink a Bailey’s & Kahlua every time you just want to pinch Astrid’s (Jasika Nicole’s) cheeks because she’s just so damn cute
  • When Faux-livia is being jittery, imagine giving her an Adderall and then take a drink

Signature Alcohol

Alice suggests Coffee liqueur – ’cause coffee is such a precious commodity in the parallel world.

Devon will be watching fringe with Absinthe – ’cause you need the green fairy to follow along with the twists and turns of this season.

Signature Cocktails

We found a lot of fantastic drinks to enjoy while you’re watching Fringe! Alice suggested the rich and delicious sounding Milkshake Cocktail while Megan suggests the desert-y Liquorice All Sort. But our favorite recipe is the newly renamed Naked Walter:

3/4 oz Pernod® licorice liqueur
3/4 oz Mandarine Napoleon® orange liqueur
1 oz pineapple juice
4 oz sparkling bitter lemon soda

Pour into an ice-filled wine goblet, and garnish with a lemon wedge.

Raise a glass to your alternate! 

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Educating [Geeks] Podcast for Fringe seasons 1 – 3

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