Game of Thrones Seasons 2-4 Podcast Panel with Geek News Network

When: Saturday, June 7, from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Where: Phoenix Convention Center, North Hall, Room 131

Who: Bri Valdivia, Hong Le, Megan Calcote, Richard Begg

Hashtag: #allmenmustdie

Swords. Dragons. Magic. Romance. A little (too much?) sex. If medieval madness is your fancy, then grant us your presence as we deliberate over the evocative seasons two through four of the revered, the esteemed, the all-mighty HBO Original drama, Game of Thrones. Based on the acclaimed novel series “A Song of Fire and Ice” from famed fantasy author George R.R. Martin, GoT, which has reached a fever pitch in viewership, focuses on events from Martin’s “A Storm of Swords,” “A Feast for Crows” and “A Dance with Dragons.” Why is Game of Thrones seemingly the only fantasy show that perfectly melds the fabric of the Nerds’ and Norms’ kingdoms? Is there too much sex? Too much cleavage? Why is rape seemingly the default fallback plot device? Has the fourth season done enough to quell the series misogynistic connotations? These are the classic issues humanity has always faced (probably). Don’t miss your chance to be a part of it all!

Come make merry with our lot from Educating [Geeks] and Geek News Network as we duel over the hot topics surrounding the show from its second season till present. On Saturday, June 7, we’ll be hosting a panel discussion and live podcast recording which you can be a part of. The fourth season will still have a few remaining episodes before it reaches its grand conclusion in mid June. Better still, HBO has renewed the show for fifth and six seasons, not surprising considering its ever-climbing viewership.

Word to the wise: They’ll be a gift bag giveaway for those so gracious to attend. The chosen one shall be plucked from the common folk for the majesty of their drinking game contributions. Oh, didn’t we mention? We have our own drinking game rules (because alcohol) for GoT, and everyone should try to bring their best rule to add. We shall bestow upon the most clever of ye the gifts of the kingdom (a GoT Lunch Box, Targaryen mug, Jon Snow figurine and GoT Graphic Novel, Volume 1. That’s $80 of value for just one good idea!). Let the games begin (we know, we know; wrong fiction).

So, you’re interested but feel like the herd has already left the stables? Well contrary to popular belief, not everyone is riding this horse yet and it’s not too late don your metaphorical sword, shield and helm. Grab ‘hold our hand now, and we’ll hoist you aboard this chariot as we stampede into battle. AHEAD, AHEAD… in a moment.

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  • But let’s be real, you’re watching this no matter what