Gank that Drank: A Supernatural Drinking Game Podcast “Dead and Phantom”

Gank S1E2

Welcome to Gank that Drank: A Supernatual Drinking Game Podcast. This is Season 1 Episode 02: Dead and Phantom. In every episode of Gank that Drank we assign ourselves each two drinking game rules and we play along with two episodes of the television show SUPERNATURAL… After we watch and play we will discuss both episodes, perhaps while tipsy. We will also evaluate the game rules we played in our quest to curate for you the perfect Supernatural Season 1 Drinking Game!

Mission Statement

The mission of Gank that Drank: A Supernatural Drinking Game Podcast is to curate the perfect Drinking Game Rules for each season of the long lived and much loved television show Supernatural. Your hosts will bravely test all manner of drinking game rules culled from many different sources including rules suggested by sister podcasts, rules found online, rules suggested by our hosts and rules suggested by you, the gentle listener. Our goal? To evaluate, eliminate and eventually end up with just the right blend of suggested Supernatural sippage. The further goals of your dedicated Gank that Drank team include a steadfast dedication to having fun, geeking out while drinking responsibly, saving people and hunting things.

Spoiler Alert

We are going to be discussing both of this episode’s episodes in their entirety and, certainly, in no fit state to avoid spoilers. Therefore be prepared to hear all the grisly details of something you have had more than 12 years to watch!

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Gank that Drank S1E02 Features

“Dead in the Water” The Winchesters go for a swim! IMDB says… Something, in the lake of a small town, is killing innocent people.
Hosts decide that this episode is Skippable.


“Phantom Traveler” Sam and Dean meet their first Demon! IMDB says… A friend of John’s calls Sam and Dean for help about a strange recording on the black box of a crashed plane. They soon realize that the demon which caused the crash is picking off the crash’s only seven survivors. Your Hosts decide that this episode is a Must Watch.

Rules Played

Krissy Played:

  • Awesome Pun! Anytime there is an awesome pun, the designated Pun Captain assigns between 1-5 drinks to the player.
  • Gun! Take 1 sip of your drink each time you see a gun.

Nate Played:

  • Someone Dies! Take 1 drink anytime someone dies! Take 2 drinks if you can not remember their name or if they never had a name.
  • Outdated Tech! Take a drink for every example of 2005 “tech” that is woefully outdated today.
    (Suggested by Educating Geeks Supernatural Season 1 Drinking Game Podcast)

BOTH Played:

  • Sammy! Anytime Sam Winchester tells Dean to call him “Sam” we all shout “Sammy!” and take a drink.
  • Easter Egg! GIVE OUT one drink anytime you notice a self referential Supernatural Easter Egg. 2 drinks if it is related to show creator Eric Kripke.


Whats Up Next?

Coming up next on Gank that Drank S1 E03: “Bloody and Skin” we have “Bloody Mary” Watch out for mirrors! IMDB says… A game of Bloody Mary unleashes a ghost who lives in mirrors and kills by gouging out the eyes of her prey, Sam and Dean must find a way to stop her before she claims another victim.

“Skin” Sam and Dean find a big pile of goo! IMDB says… A serial killer shape-shifter adopts the likeness of Sam’s college buddy to commit a gruesome murder. When the brothers investigate, the being “borrows” Dean’s form to continue the killing spree.

Remember your Gank that Drank Lessons Learned

If you murder someone… move to a new town and if you see something, say something!

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