Gank That Drank S1 E08: Benders and Shadow

Gank S1 E08

How to tell if you’re accidentally the Most Dangerous Game? How much random blowing paper is too much random blowing paper? Are the family that keep human jaw bone wind chimes cannibals or not? All that and more on this week’s episode of Gank That Drank: A Supernatural Drinking Game Podcast!

Mission Statement

The mission of Gank that Drank: A Supernatural Drinking Game Podcast is to curate the perfect Drinking Game Rules for each season of the long lived and much loved television show Supernatural. Your hosts will bravely test all manner of drinking game rules culled from many different sources including rules suggested by sister podcasts, rules found online, rules suggested by our hosts and rules suggested by you, the gentle listener. Our goal? To evaluate, eliminate and eventually end up with just the right blend of suggested Supernatural sippage. The further goals of your dedicated Gank that Drank team include a steadfast dedication to having fun, geeking out while drinking responsibly, saving people and hunting things.

Spoiler Alert

We are going to be discussing both of this episode’s episodes in their entirety and, certainly, in no fit state to avoid spoilers. Therefore be prepared to hear all the grisly details of something you have had more than 12 years to watch!

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Gank that Drank S1E08 Features

“The Benders” Sam and Dean are the Most Dangerous Game! IMDB Says…  After following a history of disappearances in Hibbing, Minnesota, Sam finds himself locked in a cage and Dean must team up with a by the book sheriff to find him……before the hunt begins.

And “Shadow” Hi Dad! IMDB Says…  While looking into a mysterious murder in Illinois, Sam and Dean come across Meg, an old ‘friend’ of Sam’s, who may be far worse than they ever thought possible and who plans to use the brothers as bait to trap their father, John.

Rules Played

Krissy Played:

  • “Family!” take a sip anytime someone on the show says the word “Family.”
  • Bitch! Take two drinks anytime Dean says “Bitch!”

Nate Played:

  • Research! Take two drinks if Sam does research. 
  • Blood Splats! Take a drink anytime blood, well, you know… splats. 

ALL Played:

  • Sammy! Anytime Sam Winchester tells Dean to call him “Sam” we all shout “Sammy!” and take a drink.
  • Easter Egg! GIVE OUT one drink anytime you notice a self referential Supernatural Easter Egg. 2 drinks if it is related to show creator Eric Kripke.
  • Dig! Take 2 drinks anytime Sam and Dean dig.

Whats Up Next?

Coming up next on Gank that Drank S1 E09: Hell House and Something Wicked we are watching “Hell House” Sam and Dean meet the Ghostfacers… before they become the actual Ghostfacers! IMDB says… When a case of a seemingly average haunting begins to go haywire, Sam and Dean come to find that two bumbling, wanna-be paranormal investigators, Harry and Ed, are already on the case. And “Something Wicked” Sam and Dean meet the Ghost of Motels Past! IMDB says... Dean gets a second chance to right a wrong from his past when the brothers get a mysterious tip from their father about a case they’d worked years ago, but left unfinished after Sam was nearly killed by the creature.


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