Gank That Drank S1 E12: The Road So Far

The Road SO Far

We did it! We drank our way through Supernatural season 1 and now we are pleased to present the result to you along with a recap of the most watchable and skippable episodes, the best of our lessons learned and more!

Spoiler Alert

We are going to be discussing each and every episode of Season 1 in its entirety and, certainly, in no fit state to avoid spoilers. Therefore be prepared to hear all the grisly details of something you have had more than 12 years to watch!

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BEHOLD the Supernatural Season 1 Drinking Game Rules…

Download and Print HERE Gank That Drank Play at ONCE Rules PDF 

Season 1 Rules to Play ALL at ONCE

  • Everyone at your Supernatural Season 1 Viewing Party plays ALL of the following rules at the same time. For this exercise, we imagine you are watching 2 or more episodes at a time!SAMMY! Anytime Sam asks dean to call him Sam not Sammy everyone in the room shouts “SAMMY!” And takes a drink!
                    -Suggested Modification, if you want to drink a LOT more… follow this rule anytime ANYONE calls him Sammy, even if he does not correct them. “FAMILY” Begin with one person assigned the “family” rule. Whenever someone says “family” that person takes 1 drink and the rule passes to the next person.DRINKING! Drink whenever someone on the show is drinking alcohol… or anytime anyone is drinking anything!

    What Happened? Take 3 Drinks anytime the boys reference “what happened” to Mom and/or Jess. You can be a real stickler and only drink if the boys specifically say the words “what happened” or get looser with it and play this rule anytime they talk about “what happened” at all.

    Awesome Pun! Anytime someone on the show is punning a designated Pun Captain assigns between 1-5 drinks to everyone playing this rule.

    BROKEN FURNITURE Take 1 drink for every piece of broken furniture

    Shamed! Sammy is shamed for going to stanford… 1 drink?

    “What the HELL!” Take 1 drink anytime someone says “What the Hell!”

    X-FILES Take 1 drink anytime there is an X-Files nod – we played as FINISH your drink??

    Man Tears! …Finish your drink!

    WHINY SAM! Take a drink whenever Sam is whiny!

    Bitch! Take 2 drinks anytime Dean says “bitch!”

    The Trunk!– Everytime the boys open the trunk… 1 drink?

    THE SPEECH Finish your drink if Sam and Dean have to give…”the speech” Suggested Modification if you want to drink WAY more, drink anytime someone on the show is drinking anything at all.

Season 1 Random Rules

Everyone at your Supernatural Season 1 Viewing Party draws 2 or more of the following rules randomly and plays those rules only throughout the game.  Download or print here: Gank That Drank Random Rules

Outdated Tech! Anytime you spot 2005 tech, take a drink!  

ARGUE! Take 2 drinks anytime Sam and Dean argue

ILLEGAL! Take a drink whenever Sam and Dean get away with something super illegal

BROKEN FURNITURE Take 1 drink for every piece of broken furniture

Pop Culture! Take a drink whenever there is a pop culture refrence. Make sure to call it out!

-Sugesseted Modification, if the person playing this rule MISSES a pop culture reference be sure to insist that they finish their drink at once!

Dig! Sam & Dean dig …1 drink  

Research! Take 2 drinks anytime Sammy does research Finish your drink if DEAN is the one doing research

JOURNAL! Take a SIP  when you reference or see Dad’s Journal

BADGE!– take 1 drink anytime the boys flash any badge

Someone Dies! Take a drink anytime a character dies, two if you either cant remember their name or never knew it to begin with

GUN! Take a sip when you see a gun

Blood Splats! – Take one drink anytime blood splats

Whats Up Next?

Coming up next on Gank that Drank… it will be Season 2! Stay tuned for the Gank Thank Drank Season 2 premier date!

Mission Statement

The mission of Gank that Drank: A Supernatural Drinking Game Podcast is to curate the perfect Drinking Game Rules for each season of the long lived and much loved television show Supernatural. Your hosts will bravely test all manner of drinking game rules culled from many different sources including rules suggested by sister podcasts, rules found online, rules suggested by our hosts and rules suggested by you, the gentle listener. Our goal? To evaluate, eliminate and eventually end up with just the right blend of suggested Supernatural sippage. The further goals of your dedicated Gank that Drank team include a steadfast dedication to having fun, geeking out while drinking responsibly, saving people and hunting things.

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