Gank That Drank S2E07: Houses of the Holy and Born Under a Bad Sign


How likely are you to still be wearing a bra when watching late night tv? How graceful is a giant handsome man leaping out a window? How much time does Bobby spend lacing various things with holy water? Find out all this and more on Gank That Drank: A Supernatural Drinking Game Podcast Season 2 E07: Houses of the Holy and Born Under a Bad Sign! Join Nate and Krissy as they play along with all new Drinking Game Rules and then discuss the episodes!

Spoiler Alert

We are going to be discussing both of this episode’s episodes in their entirety and, certainly, in no fit state to avoid spoilers. Therefore be prepared to hear all the grisly details of something you have had more than 12 years to watch!

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Gank that Drank S2 E07 Features

“Houses of the Holy” Sam and Dean on talk about angels! IMDB Says… The Winchesters investigate a spate of murders committed by people who were apparently visited by an angel and told to carry out “God’s will” and kill those who have sinned. For Sam it’s easy to believe it to be the case. Not so easy for Dean, who believes they’re dealing the confused and angry spirit of Father Gregory, a man murdered on the steps of his church in an attempted robbery. While checking up on a lead Sam is visited by the angel and told to kill someone.


“Born Under a Bad Sign” Sam goes rogue! IMDB Says… After Sam goes missing for over a week, Dean finally receives a phone call from his brother. Dean finds Sam in a hotel room, covered in blood and suffering from the effects of a week long memory blackout. Upon investigation, the brothers find a video-tape of Sam killing another hunter in cold blood, which leads Sam to believe his dark side is taking over. When the dark side finally emerges Sam attacks Dean and continues on his hunter killing spree with his next targets being family friends Jo Harvelle and Bobby Singer.

Rules Played

  • WIFI!– Take a drink anytime you are wondering how Sam is getting WIFI in 2006
  • Rock Salt! Take a drink every time the boys use Rock Salt, DOUBLE IT if it doesn’t work!
  • Concussion! Take 2 drinks anytime the boys suffer what would clearly be a traumatic brain injury!
  • Slam! Take a sip everytime something slams!
  • TOXIC MASCULINITY! Take 1 drink for every instance. 
  • Cuts! Take 2 drinks anytime someone cuts themselves for a spell! 
  • Someone Dies! Take a drink anytime a character dies, double it if you don’t know or can’t remember that characters name!
  • HEADACHE! Take a drink every time Sammy has a psychic headache!
  • POSITIVE MASCULINITY! Take a drink whenever someone on the show offers a good example of healthy masculinity!
  • COPY A PLOT! Take 2 drinks for each episode that copies a plot from another show. Example: Zombie Girlfriend is ALSO a Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode!
  • BROKEN FURNITURE! Take a drink whenever furniture is broken!
  • BLACK EYES! Take a drink whenever we see a demon with black eyes!

Whats Up Next?

Coming up next on Gank that Drank S2 E08: Tall Tales and Road Kill

“Tall Tales” Sam and Dean meet a TRICKSTER! IMDB Says… When colleague hunter Bobby Singer arrives, the Winchester brothers tell him alternative versions, each incriminating the other, of their weird experiences in a university where improbable stories happened. Professor Cox made a fatal fall when seduced by a non-student girl, a frat’s pledge-master reportedly suffered extreme hazing after an alien abduction, a research assistant’s arm was eaten alive by a sewer alligator. Sam lost his computer, Dean his car. Bobby concludes it’s the work of a trickster demon. The brothers have a single suspect, who puts on a grand final fight of wit and temptation.

“Road Kill” Sam and Dean are in a Sixth Sense scenario! IMDB Says… Molly and her husband are driving along a long deserted highway at night when they come upon a farmer in the middle of the road who Molly tries unsuccessfully to not hit. Next thing she knows her husband is missing and the farmer is chasing her. Things get worse when the Winchesters inform Molly that the farmer is actually a highway ghost who, it seems, appears annually to get his revenge on her.

Mission Statement

The mission of Gank that Drank: A Supernatural Drinking Game Podcast is to curate the perfect Drinking Game Rules for each season of the long lived and much loved television show Supernatural. Your hosts will bravely test all manner of drinking game rules culled from many different sources including rules suggested by sister podcasts, rules found online, rules suggested by our hosts and rules suggested by you, the gentle listener. Our goal? To evaluate, eliminate and eventually end up with just the right blend of suggested Supernatural sippage. The further goals of your dedicated Gank that Drank team include a steadfast dedication to having fun, geeking out while drinking responsibly, saving people and hunting things.

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