Geek [Supplies] – A Game of Thrones Novel


We’ve scoured the internets to find you some awesome Game of Thrones Geek [Supplies] to help you show your love of the awesome novel. Take a look at what we tracked down for you!

A Mind Needs Books…


First and foremost, make sure you’ve read A Game of Thrones. While you’re at it, just get yourself the whole set because you’re going to want them. This nice hardback set will hold up nicely when you throw your copy across the room.



But, if you’re a busy person or prefer audio books, we highly recommend that too.


Or if you prefer there to be pictures while you’re reading, you can check out the graphic novel.

family-history the-world-of-ice-and-fire

Expand your knowledge with the Family Histories and Lineages and a deep dive into the World of Ice and Fire.


Keep those books in line with these awesome dragon egg book ends. They may or may not hatch into real dragons if you put them in the fire*.

Don’t Forget the Map


One of the fun things about Game of Thrones is the maps at the front of the books. There are some really awesome fan made versions that would make great decorations for your home – like this black and white creation by SimplyDigitalArt on Etsy.


If you’re like me, you’d prefer a map that’s a little…softer. So grab this comfy map pillow from Etsy shop theuniquegeekie.

Decorate Your Castle


Warn visitors that you’ve got a mythical beast protecting your homestead with this beautiful Beware of the Direwolf sign from Etsy shop TheDribblyYak.


Spice up your wall with this beautiful extra large wall covering featuring King’s Landing. Pick one up from LargeArtCanvas on Etsy.


If you’re like me, you always bang into that door knob or corner of the wall when stumbling around the house at night. This night light will help put embarrassing mishaps to bed and look beautiful while doing it. Get yours from StorybookCraftGroup.

Dress Like a Khaleesi


I love this Khaleesi tank top from ShopHartandSoul. Not only does it look comfy, but it’s even got the names of your baby dragons on the back.


You can pair that comfy tank with these adorable Sun and Stars, Moon of My Life undies from SoEffingCute.


Or, you could grab some of these adorable house undies. I’d personally consider getting a pair of each so I can build the whole set. With nine houses to choose from, you cover your nether regions with Game of Thrones every day of the week and still have undies left over.

We found so many great Game of Thrones geek supplies, we couldn’t fit them all here! Visit our Pinterest board for more Westeros goodies.

*You probably shouldn’t put them in the fire.

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